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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Albany chapter.

I’m actually upset. PAUSE, I’m disappointed actually. Lately in Twitter I’ve seen people said that Asians are NOT people of color (PoC).


In case some of you forgotten what PoC means:


Never thought that people would say that Asians aren’t PoC. Well I call that bullshit because:


  1. We’re not white
  2. We’re discriminated and marginalized like any other PoC
  3. We’re DEFINITELY NOT white (light skinned asians DOESN’T count I can’t believe some people still don’t see that)


If we weren’t PoC, how come we don’t get any privileges like any typical Caucasian?????


As someone who lived in a third world Asian country almost her whole life, it broke my heart seeing people thinking we didn’t suffer because WE HAVE.


Don’t believe me still? Alright lemme give you a free history lesson.


My country was a British colony for many years since the 1800s and guess when we became independent? Only by 1957. Pretty damn long huh? Fun fact: we’re actually the last few of Southeast Asia to be free from their colonizers. If my calculations are correct we were colonized for almost 500 years from different colonizers……. And THAT’S just my country.


There’s actually so much history of colonization in most Asian countries so imagine saying that Asians aren’t PoC? Imagine calling us that when we have a fair share of colonization, discrimination and marginalization.


What saddens me more is that the PoC themselves said that we aren’t part of the community. Why are we fighting against each other when we should be fighting OUR colonizers. (I know damn well that I don’t have to tell you who I’m talking about.)


I’ve seen too many people who choose to stay ignorant and not acknowledge our past but advocate for other people of color instead and I call that: hypocrisy. If you advocate for PoC then actually MEAN IT. This also proves my point on how anything that’s against us are never taken seriously and it NEEDS to end. Stop erasing our past. Better yet, STOP ERASING US.

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