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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Albany chapter.

I lie…a lot. But in this world, who doesn’t?

People lie everyday–friends, family, teachers, politicians, definitely our president.

So, is it because everyone else does it that makes it okay? No, but we still do it and still seem to consider ourselves honest people. And the question is always why?

We lie because we don’t want to hurt feelings, but wouldn’t the feelings be more hurt if the truth comes to the light? We lie because telling the truth means living with consequences, but isn’t that what life is about? We lie because we think it’s what’s best for ourselves, but what about what’s best for the others you lie to?

See, when we try to justify lying, how does that make us any different than the sly and slick politicians we all seem to dislike?

However, there’s always going to be that little voice in our head telling us otherwise.

Time and time again I catch myself lying, even about the smallest things. Over the years I’ve gained distrust from those close to me as a result of my lying and not being straight up. In all honesty, I contradict myself 1000x. I always say I like people who can be honest and straight up with me, yet I can’t even do the same when it comes to the little things. And I’m sure we’re all like this to an extent.

I used to believe that omitting some truth was not lying, but lying is not strict with one definition. Exaggerating is lying, omitting is lying, minimizing is lying, avoiding confrontation is lying, sparing people’s feelings is lying, conveniently forgetting is lying, keeping secrets is lying, and I’m sure there are many more ways to lie. I don’t believe there is anyone in this world who has not lied, as it’s nearly impossible.

But, what’s important is the difference between telling functional lies and living a lie. If you continuously accept and carry on your life with lies, you form false realities and morals become invisible. And if one was not aware, the more reality is dismissed, the more one is susceptible to a mental disorder. It is said that the more we lie, the more the brain becomes less sensitive to dishonesty. Martin Buber said “The lie is the spirit committing treason against itself.” Functional lies, on the other hand, could be lies that we can live with or that won’t affect anyone dramatically.

I may be dragging this a bit, but there is truth in what I am saying. I realize that I am a selfish human being, like many of us. I put myself first in many situations and don’t usually think of the consequences. And this may ultimately be the reason why we lie in my opinion. But, I have learned that we MUST consider the consequences of lying, in any way or form. In reality, we must strive to live more truthfully in order to better understand reality. If you want to be real, you have to act real.

My name is Brittany Seda and I am a senior at the University at Albany, majoring in Communications with a minor in journalism. I do have my own blog called InthemindofHER, and with my blog I hope to explore, challenge, and embrace the mind of a woman like myself.