The Unwritten Rules of America: “Always Blend In”

University at Albany
United States

Let’s talk about it.

There will never be two of the same person. We all have different backgrounds, ethnicities, dreams, and life experiences. Even in America, millions of people speak the language of their mother country. Every individual has unique cultural influences, and traditions that they pass on to generations. Even with our beautiful differences we all seem share a common enemy; unwritten rules.

So many people, hide behind the identity that they believe is “correct”. The personality that they think will get them a “good grade” from others, from society. I am very much guilty of this myself. We all have had past experiences that have shaped us as human beings. It’s called life. However, we also feel the pressure of so much judgement everyday from our friends, family, and even ourselves, to “blend in”. Society teaches people to fit the status quo and follow these unwritten rules, and despite our own desires we follow them anyway. Why?

The scary part of these unspoken rules is how much power and influence they have in our daily lives. People are much more concerned with how they are perceived than how their emotions and feelings are impacted. It’s almost as if we are all walking through a raging fire together. The funny part is, we all have the power to put this fire out but no one is doing anything. Everyone is simply trying to fit in. No one cares that they are about to be burned, they just care about hiding their uniqueness, their beauty.

Now think about your own life. Think about the things that make you, you. Be the person who you have always wanted to become. Don’t let the pressure of others weigh you down. Be strong, courageous, and brave; and speak out about the injustices and maltreatment that you see around you. This is a new generation of leaders, thinkers, and doers. We  have to realize that these unwritten rules don’t have to apply to us. So let’s make a change and put out that fire.