Transitioning From Winter to Spring Apparel

By Ashley Morel

Who is as excited as I am for the warmer days that are approaching us? As fun as winter fashion can get, warmer days and bright sunlight can switch up anybody’s mood. Small details make a big difference and being able to have options to choose from is a plus. The simple pieces of clothing may seem like the hardest to pick out, but guess what …. They’re not! Spring is all about bright colors and statement pieces; it’s time to put away those big heavy coats and boots.

Jackets are my fav! As simple as ones outfit might seem, a dope jacket can turn that “simple outfit” into a “wow outfit.” Spring is right in between being warm and occasional winds. Making sure to throw on even the lightest jacket on your shoulders is the key to success. Whether it’s a leather jacket, camo print, jean jacket or even a cool bomber.

For my college peeps! I know it can be hard to actually wake up every morning and want to “get dressed up” but trust me it makes a difference! Your mood goes hand in hand with how you present yourself. If we walk around in sweats, sneakers and a big old hoodie, we will feel lazy and ready for bed. Replace those sweats with some jeans or leggings. “Getting dressed up” does not mean you have to wear professional or fancy clothing, it’s more about appearing like you took your time.

My mother has always told me “Dress and present yourself as if you were going to bump into your worst enemy at all times.” I know certain weeks are just “blah” but always pick yourself back up! You never know who you’ll run into but who cares because after reading this article, you’ll always be ready!

Be on the lookout for the bird’s chirping outside your window soon, spring is near!

Until then, stay cozy!

Xoxo, Co.ash