Torn in Between the Two

"Where were you last night? Her wela asked. I called you. Why didn’t you pick up the phone”? “Sorry wela I was sleep. After David and I went to go play pool he drove me to his house and said he would take me home in the morning", Ciara said. Her wela asked a whole bunch of questions but all Ciara could think about was the fact that she was not with David (her boyfriend). She spent the night out with some one else. A guy she knows her wela would not approve of. A guy she wants to be with but can’t because she all ready has a boyfriend. His name is Andrew. Now Andrew is not a bad guy, he is just a secret she does not want her wela or her boyfriend to know about. Ciara tunes out her wela while she walks to her room to text her best friend Tiffany.

Ciara: *Keyboard clicking* Tiffany I have some tea to tell you. *Message sent*

Tiffany: *looking eye emoji* what girl? Spill.

Ciara: I spent the night out with Andrew last night. The night was great but I had to lie to my grandma. *Crying eye emoji*


Ciara: So Andrew made me wait for him all day then comes to pick me up around eight o’ clock. When I got in his car I was mad because he would not tell me where we were going. He then blind folds me and drives. I felt like we were driving for so long, but then the car stops. He took me to SOJO spa club Tiff.

Tiffany: OOOOOO girl I heard about that place. HE GOT MONEEEEY. How was it? Did he treat you right?

Ciara: So we get out the car. Valet parks the car and we walk in the spa. It was so bougie. We put our shoes, bags, and clothes in a locker and walked to the pool. The pool was on the top floor of the spa. The water lit up in the dark. The view was so beautiful. Andrew looks at me and says “So are you surprised we came here. How do you like it?” I said, “You are so sneaky. I’ve been dying to come here. Thank you Andrew!” We get out the pool and I see there's a table set up for us. “Where is everyone else at”? I rented the spa just for us for the whole night”, Andrew said.

Tiffany: HE BROUGHT YOU A FIVE-COURSE MEAL GIRL AND RENTED THE SPA JUST FOR YALL. He really got moneeeey. *Exclamation point emojis*

Ciara: LOL. Yeah he getting that bread but wait there's more.

Ciara: We sit down and I see a purple rose on the table with a box, and I'm thinking, “What is going on”? He said “Wait don’t mess up the mood just sit down and enjoy your meal”. I said, “All right but this looks suspicious we could have went to a drive thru when we left. Andrew what are you up to”? ................

*Knocks on room door* “Ciara, David is here to see you”, Ciara's wela said. “I’ll be right there! Wonder what he wants”. Ciara said.

When Ciara comes out the room, she sees David there with purple roses and down on one knee. As the noise from her gut gets louder and louder, David pulls a box out of his pocket.

She says, "David what are you doing here?”

*Mean while there are texts messages being sent by Tiffany who is feeling anxious to hear the rest of the story*

David opens the box and says, “I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you be my wife?”

 Ciara jaw drops, as she is speechless. All she could think about was Andrew asked her the same thing last night at the spa.

*Thoughts roaming through her head*

I don’t know who to say yes to. David Or Andrew?