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Surviving Finals and Winter Break: Our Top 5 Products from the HC Finals Survival Kit

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Albany chapter.

Finals are officially over and winter break has finally arrived! No more hours and hours spent on essays and studying in the library and racing to meet deadlines. We can actually relax, go home and enjoy the holidays knowing that our hard work will have (hopefully) paid off. Luckily, we recieved a Her Campus Finals Survival Kit to get us through the exams and essays and to help us rejuvinate over winter break. Our kit included Chipotle BOGO and free burrito cards, Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Samples, TRESemmé hairsprays and Keratin Smooth Sample Set, Kettle Brand Hey Neighbor Kits, Luna Bar Chocolate Peppermint Stick, CamelBak Pink Eddy Bottles, Bayer’s The Timeline Project Zines, a chain & charcoal $20 gift card, a baublebar meme alphabet bracelet, Aritzia Hello Opportunity Cards and Cosabella Underwear and coupons. All these items did wonders for our team over finals, but we also can’t wait to use some of the products over winter break too! Here are our top 5 products that we loved from the kit: 

1. TRESemmé Hairspray and Keratin Samples

We loved our TRESemmé samples from the kit. Not only did they help our hair to look good during the stress of finals week, when (let’s face it) we don’t put as much effort into our beauty regimes, but we also can’t wait to use them over Winter Break too! Think of all the Christmas parties and social gatherings that happen over Christmas. These samples will definitely come in handy. Also the minature hairspray is a great size to carry around, making sure your hair stays gorgeous all day long!

2. Chipotle

We were so thankful for our Chipotle cards! They worked wonders during finals week when we needed a pick me up and a study break and they also gave us an excuse to procrastinate and actually socialize and leave the house. Although, the amount of delicious food we ate may have prevented us from doing more work due to being so full, we eventually had the energy to carry on. We also can’t wait to use these over winter break. These cards are great to treat friends from home and family who you haven’t seen in ages.

3. Kettle Brand

Our Kettle Brand “Hey Neighbor” packs were great for late night snacks when studying. They were also great to share with friends when taking a break and catching up on our favourite TV shows. It included a packet of chips and some maple bacon popcorn that also came in handy for the journey home for winter break. 

4. Aritzia

Our Aritzia gift cards gave us the opportunity to procrastinate with some online shopping. The gift card provided some great retail therapy to get us through finals. Aritzia has some great fashion pieces that are worth having a look at that would make perfect outfits for the holidays. 

5. Cold-EEZE

With all of the snow and the cold weather recently, it was inevitable that we would get a cold during finals week. Our Cold Remedy Plus Natural Multi-Symptom Relief Cold & Flu QuickMelts and Cold Remedy Plus Natural Immune Support with Natural Energy QuickMelts helped us relieve our colds and get us back on track to acing our finals. We’re sure these will be helpful over the holidays too! 


Sophie is a 4th year student at the University of Nottingham, England. She is studying American Studies and would love a career in Journalism or Public Relations (preferably while living in NYC). Sophie has been a Fashion Blogger at HC Nottingham since she started at the University at Nottingham in 2012/13. She was also a Publicity Intern during her second year at HC Nottingham in 2013/14. She was a Campus Correspondent during her year abroad for HC Albany as well as contributing to writing for HC Nottingham. She is currently the Head of Publicity for Her Campus, as well as continuing to write fashion blogs. She is a self proclaimed fashion and make-up addict and she also enjoys travelling, reading, (excessively) watching TV shows and films, music, shopping and of course writing for Her Campus!