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Small Steps You Can Take to Be More Sustainable

If you don’t know, lately there has been much going on, in the world environmentally. The world is on the verge of dying. (Yes, you hear me!). Experts say that we have at most 18 months before it becomes critical like the global temperature increase, and many more environmental issues that follow.

At this point around the world, many are trying to find alternatives for their everyday tasks, since all these years we’ve been relying on products and habits that can slowly kill the planet.

So… I’m here to give some alternatives to go about your life while being more sustainable (college edition)!

  1. Stop using plastic straws (!!!) and bring your own metal/silicon/biodegradable paper straws instead.These babies have been very popular lately and many parts of the world are starting to ban plastic straws for good! Some modern and local cafes and restaurants have been using biodegradable paper straws which is amazing, but despite all that, consumers would still choose to get a plastic straw from coffee/drink shops because of convenience reasons and everyone is in a rush. I get that but try making yourself bring these babies around with you. It’s such a small thing to do but can make such a difference.
  2. Bring your own reusable container/utensils/cups to school

A lot of us, in school, are either buying coffee or getting takeout before classes but that also leads to a lot of plastic usage. Why not try to prep your own food and bring it in a reusable container? Some restaurants accept reusable containers for takeout! Not to mention many coffee places accept reusable cups for your morning coffee. It’s just that easy!

3. Take public transport/ carpool


A lot of us have our own transport to travel to school or anywhere else but it’s good to remind yourself that it’s good to lessen all that by carpooling or using public transport! You don’t just cut down costs and fuel, but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions! We’re blessed to have a pretty good public transportation system here in Albany and in the Capital Region so we might as well

4. Stop buying from fast fashion and buy secondhand/ thrifted clothes 


There’s a lot of tea on certain brands like H&M, Forever 21 and many other popular brands (issues like child slavery to clothes aren’t sustainable), so instead we should instead support secondhand clothes where you can save money AND be sustainable. You can find a thrift store anywhere you are!

5. Bring your own shopping bags for groceries 

A lot of us take trips to our local grocery store to get errands but also end up using LOTS of plastic while doing so. Try bringing your own bags to do your shopping, you’d be surprised over how much plastic you saved!


These are just a few you could to break our unsustainable habits and there’s so much more you could do even after conquering these 5 tips! I know all these might sound small to you, might not be easy to break a habit or you feel like your contributions wouldn’t be that important but just remind yourself that 1) the world is dying, 2) taking small steps can make a difference, and 3) THE WORLD IS DYING JUST DO SOMETHING. We don’t have time everyone! Start small to make a difference, or do nothing at all and see the world perish.


A Malay Muslim born and raised in Malaysia and currently pursuing her studies in the United States. She's majoring in Journalism and minoring in Film Studies. She likes to talk about makeup, movies, societal issues and anything else that's interesting! A proud Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Leo and Pisces rising! If you want to start a conversation with me follow me on Twitter: @ainaateyou
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