Sex is NOT a gift (valentines day edition)

Happy Valentine’s day Her Campus readers, love is in the air and everyone is out preparing themselves for a day of adoring their significant other. The mall will be packed today with both women and men buying the goods for a special night. Now I personally do not have a significant other but if I did, I could definitely see myself planning a romantic dinner, gifting my partner with something they’ve always wanted like a watch or perfume, treating him or her to a massage at a spa and really appreciating the person I have in my life.The goal is to make them feel special today (as you should every day). So with that being said, I would like to suggest that sex is NOT  a gift for valentine’s day.

If you are in a romantic relationship with your significant other and you are sexually active with your partner (especially on a regular basis) gifting them with sex on a special occasion is not necessarily a gift. In retrospect, it is the lingerie, the candles, the adult toys, and edibles that are the gift of the night; The added accessories that emphasize the overall experience of sex. Okay, don’t get me wrong surprising your man or woman with some good loving is always nice but if it becomes repetitive it loses its effect. The repetitive gesture can be perceived by your partner as if you are not putting in the effort to give them a meaningful and thoughtful gift. This can cause issues in the relationship which can result in a horrible valentine’s day.  If it was up to me I would say to avoid gifting sex on a special occasion and really put some thought and love into your partner’s gift. They will appreciate the added effort… trust me!