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Pop Out Szn: Spring Semester On a Budget

It’s the spring semester here at UA, which means the parties and all other events are coming and they’re coming at us hard. Back to back events means you’ll need just the right style for each one.

And yes, I know it’s hard to pay for the events, and buy an outfit, AND still have some money in your pockets for all the antics ahead for the night.

We’re all in college and we’re all on a budget but that doesn’t mean your outfit has to show it too.

If you know me, then you know I love to shop.  As a college student, finding the clothes you want and need is not the easiest.

I’m always looking for different clothing stores and online boutiques to shop at. I try to find different things that personally fit my style because I know it would be completely embarrassing to walk into a place and see someone with the same fit you have on.

So where to shop?

Well, one website that I fell in love with was, MakeMeChic.com. Similar to the popular online clothing site, Fashion Nova, but with way cheaper prices. And I can’t lie, their sale section is amazing. They have all the things you need for a night out and for a day on a podium for all those who can’t wait to show off your fly fits for “podiating” season.

Another website is boohoo.com. They sell clothes to both men and women and have great styles for low prices and even have plus sizes for all the curvy women. The Zendaya Coleman, my fashion inspiration launched her website not too long ago for her new clothing line ‘Daya’ by Zendaya. Her clothes are very chic and definitely set a statement for anybody who wears it and the pricing is not too high, especially for the quality of the clothing.

These websites even ship fast and easy and you don’t have to spend that much to get free shipping for all of them. Make sure to make accounts with all of them to keep a look out on their big annual sales and discounts.

For those who aren’t really into online shopping, the best stores to shop at for name brands and designers and less expensive clothing are places such as Burlington, Bloomindales, and Lord and Taylor. They’ll have items from different designers from that same season for low prices. I recommend being a member at Bloomindales because the more you spend the more discounts you get on clothing. And the best part is you’ll be able to get discounts on high end fashion brands like Burberry and Gucci and even Moncler.

So ladies and gentlemen make sure you check out these websites and stores and I guarantee you’ll slay every event UA has and still have money in your pocket.


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