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Octavia Spencer Comes to Albany

Golden Globe and Academy award winning actress, Octavia Spencer, came to speak at our very own SUNY Albany this homecoming weekend. Miss Octavia Spencer is most known for her role as Minny Jackson in The Help (2011) and Dorothy Vaughan in Hidden Figures (2016). Unfortunately, I was unable to ask the lovely actress any questions but I was able to listen to the moderators questions as well as the other audience members questions. 


Spencer briefly spoke about her experience on set in one of her latest movies, The Shack (2017). The actress spoke about how she was enamored with birds and dreamed of seeing a bald eagle up close. While shooting for a scene, Spencer’s coworker pointed out a bald eagle and said something along the lines of, “Look Octavia, it’s for you”. Spencer stated the whole experience made her feel blessed and she felt like it was a sign from God. The actress also spoke about her most favorite and least favorite things about being an actress. Spencer’s most favorite thing was being able to meet new people and fans and her least favorite thing was having to walk the red carpet and take pictures. Spencer also gave sound advice to aspiring actors and actresses “Get your education first,” she says. 


 I have been a fan of Spencer for quite some time now and it was delightful and an honor to have her speak to us here. 


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