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Written by Ava Pipia 

Let us build a wall, 

terminate the rush of the fall. 


Let us build that wall 

with the tears and blood of our southern foe,  

that we might be safe.  


Let us divulge the faces 

of those who fall,  

in school hallways  

on crimson painted linoleum. 

That we uphold the 2nd  

allowing a God-given justice 

to secure a paintbrush, 

in the hands of a constitutional artist.   


Put up a white picket fence. 

And buy a farmed and bred lab. 

Call it Bud 

for our favorite beverage.  


Be sure to teach our children,  

the future, 

what it means to be unity. 

The cul-de-sac  

is the world. 

Life is limited 

to nice cars, 

and rising ranks, 

and warm thanksgivings, 

to celebrate the biggest massacre. 

The pitfall of resistance.  


Eat your 30lb  

fat injected, 

factory modified-for-mass-consumption––death. 

Remember to dispose of the wrappings, 

and forget your bearing. 


Some days later, 

they hang ‘round the throat  

of a beached seal,  



grasping for any notion of a sovereign savior.  


Let our borders be secure, 

Our blacks be chained, 

Our muslims be detained, 

Our natives be corralled, 

so that we will be safe.  


Fly your flag high, 

Stand tall for your country,  

Draw your fully automatic identities,  

Chew your capitalist heart disease, 

Mount your foreign fossil fuel farter, 

and sing to the melody 

of the American Dream. 


But let us not forget, 

that wall will protect us.  

Solve our grievances  

and justify the flight of concrete hatred.   


We are  

One nation  

Under God  


With liberty  

And justice  

for all.    


ava pipia

Albany '22

First year student at UAlbany studying political science and journalism. I write on social issues, politics, and lifestyle. Contact information: [email protected]
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