Melanin…. A Curse or a Blessing?

Who started this Brown-skin vs Light-skin nonsense anyway? There are debates over the origin of where the epidemic originated. Many say slavery, because there were house slaves and field workers/slaves. Some also say the media caused the division between African Americans.

There was a light-skin wave, then a brown-skin wave and now there’s a foreign epidemic. There was an era where men idolized a lighter woman and put down the darker woman. Which caused envy and hatred; causing tension between black women. No matter what shade you are, you are still an African American.

Can you jack your melanin poppin’ severely if you’re light-skin? I think you should! You have melanin even if it maybe the lightest shade. Light-skin people are darker than Caucasian people, so the melanin shows there. EMBRACE IT!

Can you jack your brown-skin if your caramel or light-skin and your tan boosts you up to being brown? Your melanin is flourishing even more, so why not? Many argue you can’t jack brown-skin because it is just a tan and you’ll go back to your normal complexion.

Why do we have subcategories within the category the white man put us in? We are all of the same race, whether we have a mixture of dashes here and there. We came from one group of people and branched off, even if we started to mix.

We’re only considered African American because we came from Africa and were born in America. The sub categories divide us personally as people, because we take offense to it when it’s questioned or belittled. How do we go back to just being uniquely black and not light-skin, brown-skin, dark-skin?