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Meet The Team Series: Meet Ashanti

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Albany chapter.

Meet Ashanti, 

Ashanti is currently a double major here at the University where she is studying Communications and Homeland Security. She is a Junior looking to pursue a career in either broadcast journalism or public relations for homeland security, the FBI or other government-related offices. 

Besides writing for her campus can you tell us some of your hobbies? 

Well, I write all the time so I would have to say that besides writing specifically for her campus I write in general as a hobby. I love creative writing because I can escape any situation or any reality I don’t want to be in at that time. I can create a world for myself to live in, even if it’s for just a few moments the emotions I create in my stories come to life. I can feel what my characters feel, that’s the best part. I also like writing poetry it’s just something that calms me and allows me to meditate in a way. I also dance and cook too! those are pretty fun. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

I love this question because it allows for reflection which is super important, In 10 years I will be 30 years old so I feel like I should be pretty established by that age. I would hopefully like to be reaching the peak of my career doing a lot of traveling along the way, (I definitely have to go to Paris, Kenya, & india during that time) & on a more personal side I’d hope to be married with at least baby number 2. 

Give us five fun facts! 

1. I have 3 brothers and only 1 sister 

2. I have a dog, she’s a shitzu and her name is Izzy 

3. I want to move to Atlanta after college 

4. I have 3 peircings and only 1 tattoo (I want more tattoos soon) 

5. I want to be the next Oprah



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