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Makeup NEEDS if You’re a Beginner

I know makeup can be VERY overwhelming sometimes. I know, I’ve been there. I was so insecure, I thought I really needed to step up my game, so I started wearing makeup. Not gonna lie, I SUCKED. However, its been 4 years now. Not that I still don’t suck, but I’m doing a lot better considering I’m able to achieve the “no-makeup” makeup look!

If any one of you feel like you wanna change up your look and are confused about where to start, here’s a little list on what you should get to start!

1. Moisturizer and Primer 

This is very important to have before you start your makeup! These help your skin look nice before you start your base. It makes a huge difference in your face!

2. Foudation and/or Concealer 

You probably have heard these words before from anyone who uses makeup! It’s pretty much a standard to get your own foundation and/or concealer. I personally use both but some just use either one, so do one (or both) that works for you!

3. Eyeliner and Mascara

Other than eyeshadow, these help a lot to make your eyes pop! You don’t even need eyeshadow sometimes, just use these to achieve a simple look on your face!

4. Nude Lipstick 

I know many start their makeup journey with a nude lip, and I did too! To play it safe, just use any nude lipstick or if you really are adventurous, get a red lippie!

5. Brushes and Tools 

This is important as well! It’s important to have certain tools with you to achieve your looks. Basics include brushes for your eyeshadow, foundation brushes or beauty blenders for your concealer or foundation, and much more!

6. Simple Eyeshadow Palette 

There are so many eyeshadow palettes to choose from so this can either be easy or hard (if you have a preference) for you to get one of your own! My tip: with any palette, you can make ANY eye makeup look out of it.

7. Blush and Highlighter 

Some might not realize it sometimes, but these really help to make your face pop. Why just have nice looking skin when you can highlight some parts of your face? Imagine having no blush and letting yourself look pale and dead? Couldn’t be me!

8. Cotton Swabs and Makeup Wipes 

Mistakes will always be made. So please have these ready whenever you put on too much eyeliner or you choose the wrong lipstick.


To anyone that’s still afraid to try but WANT to try it out: take small steps. My suggestion is to wear lipstick and maybe a little concealer first, then slowly take up mascara and so on. You’d be surprised by how far you can go. I thought I’d stick with lipstick and concealer forever but I didn’t. I wanted to see how far I could go with my makeup game and it resulted in me trying out wilder colors than the usual nudes I use. Slowly, this became my staple look when going out.

(It’s me! I stick with bright pink lipstick and pink eye makeup for most of my outfits.)

Hope this list of tips helped you out with your makeup journey! Remember to go crazy with your makeup! Because I did, and never looked back to be honest (like fr).



A Malay Muslim born and raised in Malaysia and currently pursuing her studies in the United States. She's majoring in Journalism and minoring in Film Studies. She likes to talk about makeup, movies, societal issues and anything else that's interesting! A proud Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Leo and Pisces rising! If you want to start a conversation with me follow me on Twitter: @ainaateyou
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