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By Ashley Morel

“New Year, New Me.” The infamous yearly quote that will never die out. As we welcome in the second month of 2018, we must keep in mind the goals we set for ourselves in the first place. Every year holds 12 months and being able to wake up everyday and work towards our goals is a gift. Whether you see results 5,6,7 months into the new year, keep in mind that greatness isn’t created in seconds; timing is everything. A new year isn’t all about the cute outfits and the ball dropping. Another year of life and another year of creating memories alongside your loved ones is what counts. A famous quote written by an unknown author will allow you to let the brightest light shine into your life. “Let go and Let god.” Being able to accept the fact that the past is the past for a reason will allow you to move forward. Self love and self happiness should be on the top of that goals list. Sometimes we get so caught up with everything that’s going on around us and we forget to put ourselves first.


Writing down your goals is a great way to remind you all about them! Make a list of those little things you would like to accomplish and even add some whenever your mind decides to roam around. One might feel pressured to rush our own personal goals due to the pace of those around us ,but we must remember that we all run on different clocks. A goal of yours might be completely different than the person next to you and that is okay. Our journey’s are all distinct and accepting this simple fact is step 1 towards success. Never give up on your goals. In order to get where we need to be, we must first go through our very own process; trust that process and you’ll be surprised where it’ll take you. 2018 is just getting started, let’s get to work!


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