Insatiable Deaths

The Netflix show, Insatiable has stirred up quite the controversy. But let’s get this straight. Patty only killed people out of self-defense or if it was to save someone else. All the times that someone did die, she could have gone to the police and worked stuff out. So why didn’t she? I guess we will never know.

Here are all the deaths in order:

  1. John (homeless man)- Was this one really her fault? He ended up dying on his own, she was just there.

2.Christian Keen- Self-defense? Defending Magnolia was definitely a good reason, though she didn’t have to go that hard.

3. Roxy Buckley- She didn’t kill her! This was all the pageant killer (Regina)!

4. Gordy (her dad?)- He technically fell, she never actually pushed him. But she could’ve helped him so this one is on the fence.

5. The Drug lords- They were going to kill her mom and then her, so this was self-defense all the way.

6. Heather and the other pageant girls- That wasn’t her at all, it was the pageant killer, Regina.

7. Heathers Evil twin sister- That was also the pageant killer which was Regina.

8. Stella Rose Buckley- She attacked Patty; this one was def self-defense… both times.