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ICYMI: The Last Debate

This past Wednesday, October 19th was the third and final presidential debate of the 2016 election season.  According to several polls, Hillary Clinton came out on top as the winner of the debate, giving her a 3-0 record in debates against Trump.

With election day less than three weeks away, social media succeeded in making many memes, songs, and tweets to describe the night.  Here are some fo my favorite below:

Hillary had some jokes of her own here.

Trump claims that no one else has more respect for women than him, yet he called Hillary a nasty woman here and social media went crazy.  

Chick here to make America Nasty Again

In all seriousness, this election is a reality, and is coming soon.  Make sure (if you haven’t already) to research BOTH candidates and see who is better for you.  It’s easy to be swayed by the media.  Just remember that your voice matters, and your vote matters now more than ever in this election!  


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