I tried to Fast!

So as you all may know, spring break 2019 is fast approcahing, especially for all of my SUNY Albany sutdents. I've been thinking of ways I can prepare my liver for my upcoming Cancun experience. I've thought of everything; not going to parties for the next two weeks, detoxing, only drinking water, etc. While in class my friend suggested fasting. At first I was shocked! If you know me, you know I eat 24/7, but I've never fasted and it was something I was willing to try.

The next day, I woke up ready not to eat. The plan was to eat my first meal of the day at 6 p.m.Long story short this did not go as planned. My friend and I went to the mall and all of the food options were just too tempting. I am proud to say I got a tomato pesto pasta at 3 p.m., in the afternoon. I realized, in order to fast, I have to be in the correct mental state and in a stress free environment. This is something I definitely want to try in the future, but maybe for Spring Break, I will have to find another successful way to fully detox my liver.