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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Albany chapter.

It’s about to be March and winter coming to an end doesn’t seem close enough. It’s dark by like 5pm and you’re cold, probably battling some sort of cough and runny nose, and the semester’s workload feels like it’s coming at you all at once- of course, you’re going to be feeling a little under the weather- both physically and mentally! Here’s some ways we can fight the winter blues together!

    1. Self-care days – and a LOT of it. 

No one wants to spend a day out and about when it’s below zero temperature outside. Spend the extra cold days inside and get your self-care on! With the air outside being very dry or your dorm room’s heat on blast, your skin might be feeling dry and flaky. Play some new Kehlani music, scrub that face mask generously all over your face, and relax! Whether it’s face masks, a self-guided meditation, or a cat nap, use that time to warm up and recharge yourself. My personal favorite is taking a nice, long half-hour shower, deep conditioning my hair and exfoliating my skin while listening to Ariana Grande. 

    2. Work on that summer bod! 

Although it may not seem like it, summer is coming up faster than we think. Spend some time indoors by getting in a good workout, either at home or at your local gym. Use the upcoming summer season as your motivation to do that extra set of crunches and run that extra mile, so that you can be your best self! Spending the cold days in, scrolling on Instagram, and seeing pictures of Chantel Jeffries and Kourtney Kardashian in bikinis definitely gets me to the gym to work on my abs and booty. You know you wanna be looking right for your Instagram, too!

     3. Try and learn something new. 

If you find yourself with some free time on your hands, without any assignments due, get yourself to try and learn something new. It’s never too late to pick up another New Year’s resolution or to get back on track with it. Try out a new makeup look, a recipe you found on Twitter or Facebook on those Food Porn accounts, or even try that spin class you’ve been dying to go to. If you aren’t up to getting out of bed, learn something new, whether it’s something you read online or a book you just haven’t gotten around to reading yet. To fight the winter, new year blues, I went to my first yoga class and pilates class! I loved both so much and wished I went sooner, but if I’m not feeling very active I’ll go on my laptop and literally Google anything that’s been on my mind, lately, I’ve been interested in astrology!

     4. Cozy up with your friends. 

Nothing makes me feel better than hanging out with my friends, regardless of the temperature outside. Whenever I’m feeling down, I hang out with my friends and watch a good throwback rom-com like She’s The Man, or find a TV series, like You to binge watch together. Grab that comfy, throw blanket, put on your favorite oversized hoodie and sweats, grab the snacks, and- get cozy!

Like any obstacle and hardship in life, the seasons, too, are also temporary. Together, and with these tips, we can fight the winter blues and survive this cold, bitter winter! Summer and happier times are so, so soon- so, stay warm and happy!


Julia is a freshman writer at the University at Albany's chapter of Her Campus. Originally being from Staten Island, she intends to major in Linguistics at UAlbany. In the future, Julia plans on pursuing a career in speech pathology. Besides her dream of becoming a speech pathologist, she has always loved to write and wondered how to incorporate writing in her future endeavors. Her Campus enables her to do what she loves and hopefully continues to provide her with many more opportunities! To get a closer, more intimate look at her life- follow her on Instagram: @juliaabonoan.