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Free & Fit: Were You There?

Were you at the Fit Fair this past Monday?


Every year, Campus Recreation hosts the fit fair, which is a health and fitness fair on campus.  

Here, UAlbany students have the chance to learn the importance of living a healthy lifestyle while playing interactive games.

In addition to that, students are able to enter fun giveaways, and of course get a limited edition t-shirt (after visiting 10 different tables).  

This was my second year attending, and I’ll definitely be there next year.  

From the therapy dogs, to doing 20 burpees for a blender bottle, to going around to different tables and learning more about how I can make a change in my life, this event proves to have been an eye opener.

As college students, it’s so easy to develop bad habits.

Many of us are so used to not getting enough sleep, and relying on things like energy drinks or coffee to get us through our days.  We’d rather order out, or grab a bite from the CC than cooking a healthy and nutritious meal, and with this comes things like the freshman 15 (that really doesn’t apply to just freshman!)

The fit fair definitely made me (re)realize that there are many resources available on campus for students to utilize to get fit, such as the Colonial, Indian, and SEFCU Fitness centers, as well as the gyms on Liberty and Empire Commons.

There’s different classes that you can take (for free!), such as Zumba, Yoga, or Cycling, all which are in the Physical Education Building.  

So it may be too late for you to work on that perfect spring break body being that it’s a week away, but- if you start changing your diet and exercise habits now, that summer body could be on it’s way sooner than you think.

Chineze, is the former President of Her Campus Albany (2016-2018). Keep up with with her on Instagram: @browneyedblues, and subscribe to her YouTube channel! youtube.com/c?browneyedblues
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