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Dispelling Chiropractic Myths

A lot of people don’t believe in the benefits of going to a chiropractor- I  was one of those people until this summer. I was experiencing some very intense lower back pain as a result of my very old box spring mattress. I tried  “natural” remedies to rid myself of the pain but nothing seemed to work. Epsom salt baths and applying an “Icy-Hot” variant called Biofreeze provided a temporary fix, manageable, up until it was time for me stand and walk for prolonged periods of time.

The pain was so uncomfortable and irritating I often ended up calling out of work just to rest. I ultimately made the decision  to seek medical assistance and was referred to a chiropractor. Now my first thought was “Aint that the people that crack your back”? I googled a bunch of chiropractic horror stories about how people ended up paralyzed from chiropractic malpractice. I freaked myself out and avoided even thinking of going to a chiropractor. Flipping through a magazine I saw an add for a  free chiropractic consultation and I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Despite my previous doubt the words FREE and CONSULTATION was the just what I needed!

I figured if I wasn’t able to actually go to a chiropractor at least I could figure out what the issue was and attempt to remedy it in a different way. Ultimately, I ended up agreeing to a 3 week program packed with massages, posture trainings, and “adjustments” (what they call it when you get your bones cracked).

The treatment was very costly but I figured it would be worth it to fix the problem now rather than wait 1-2 years later and have the issue get much worse. I was super nervous for my first adjustment as I laid on the table I began to rewatch those chiropractic horror story videos in my head. She started with my neck, she massaged the pressure points in my neck for a few seconds before placing my neck to the side and pushing it in an upward motion. Immediately I heard intense cracking sounds however I did not feel any pain. In fact, the opposite occurred… I felt BETTER. I completed my 3 week program and I must say it was one of the best decisions I have mad yet. If you’re having back pains don’t hesitate to call your doctor. Going to the chiropractor is not as bad as it may seem.

Through my experience I can confidently dispel some chiropractic myths…

  1. Getting your bones cracked causes a lot of PAIN

The cracking sound is a release of air and chemicals in your body the actual motion does not hurt what so ever HOWEVER if you are new to going to the chiropractor you may be very sore for 1-3 days.


  1. Your insurance company will cover your treatment

Not all insurance companies cover chiropractic treatment, I ended up paying 1,200 out of pocket for my 3 week program. It can be super costly!!! #YIKES


  1. You will not see results immediately

A lot of people say that if you go to a chiropractor you have to go at least 3 months to begin seeing results and for another 3-4 months to have permanent results. I want to disagree with that and say that I have definitely seen results thus far and doing the proper exercises recommended by your doctor will have these results last for a longer time!


I hope this article was helpful to people who may be experiencing some back/neck or joint pain! I hope you are more confident in making the decision to go seek medical help from a licensed professional. For more information about the benefits of chiropractic services visit this website.  







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