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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Albany chapter.

You know- the guy who looks at you funny when he thinks your shorts are too short, the guy who coaches you way too hard during a game, or even just makes way too many dad jokes? Yeah, him. He wants what’s best for you and does more than you realize- he deserves better.


Everyone always preaches about how a mom is their daughter’s best friend, but for me, my dad was mine. Growing up, as a kid, my favorite, most fondest memories would be pigging out with him on the couch, drinking our root beers, you know just watching only the manliest, hardcore movie ever- A Cinderella Story, featuring the one and only, Hilary Duff, for the billionth time. My mom was present in my life, but I preferred going to the mall and shopping with my dad, using my dad as a personal Uber to get my nails and eyebrows done, or taking our pig-out sessions to the movies to watch the latest chick-flick and munch on some popcorn. There was truly no bond, like me and my dad’s.


Coming from a male-dominant family, having had the strongest, most kindhearted, best dad any girl could’ve ever had, and being surrounded and supported by my uncles, I’ve always thought about how dads don’t get enough recognition for what they do for their daughters, and even their sons. A few days ago, I saw this on Twitter:


There’s no changing tables for dads to change their kids in men’s restrooms. It’s 2018, dads BEEN having responsibilities for their kids and that includes changing their kids’ diaper! Donte Palmer, as seen in the picture above, alongside other outraged and frustrated dads have started the movement #SquatForChange. Other dads, members of this campaign, share their horrors of diaper-changing in a men’s restroom. Some state how it’s not uncommon for them to have had to place their hoodie or jacket on the floor, just so they can change their baby’s diaper. Dads deserve not only changing tables, but better!


Dads have been there for us to change our diapers as a baby and probably had to squat, too. Dads are there for us to say yes, when our moms say no. Dads are there for us to let us spend the  money,  the money that he worked hard for by picking up another shift or money he probably intended to buy another golf club, or whatever else dads like, with. Dads are there for us when every lame boy comes into our life, just to leave. Dads are there for us- forever!


Dads deserve better and I certainly wish I have had more time to tell my dad how much I appreciate him and to pay him back for everything he’s given me. My dad passed away almost a year and a half ago, after losing his battle with cancer. So if you’re reading this and are fortunate enough to have a dad as special as mine in your life, text him you love him and hug him a little longer next time you see him. This article and every day of my life is dedicated to you, Dad (I know you’re up there reading this, disliking all the attention and recognition I’m giving you!).


Julia is a freshman writer at the University at Albany's chapter of Her Campus. Originally being from Staten Island, she intends to major in Linguistics at UAlbany. In the future, Julia plans on pursuing a career in speech pathology. Besides her dream of becoming a speech pathologist, she has always loved to write and wondered how to incorporate writing in her future endeavors. Her Campus enables her to do what she loves and hopefully continues to provide her with many more opportunities! To get a closer, more intimate look at her life- follow her on Instagram: @juliaabonoan.