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The Best of the Zodiac Signs

Me: What are your zodiac signs? 

Student 1: “I am actually an Aries so this should be fun (ha, ha)”.  

Student 2: “I am a cancer”. 

Me: What do you feel is the best zodiac sign and why? (You can not pick your own zodiac sign). 

 Student 1: “Oh that’s, not fair because I actually think that us Aries are the best zodiac signs out there. But, if I can’t pick my own zodiac I sign I would definitely say a Pisces. A lot of people don’t think that their zodiac sign says a lot about them when in reality a lot of the things associated with your zodiac sign is true oddly enough. Who would think that your personality and the month and day your born in would have anything to do with each other right? Anyways, I like Pisces because my best friend is a Pisces and she is the most compassionate person I know! She always wants to help someone in need and just really, genuinely cares about everything and everyone”. 

Student 2: “I am definitely going to say an Aries actually. It’s something about the honesty of an aries that I truly appreciate. Every aries I know are these very frank and honest people, It isn’t the type of honesty that you get what you ask for, they tell you what’s real regardless of how you are going to feel because it’s something you need to hear and not necessarily what you want to hear. 

Me: What is the worst thing about your favorite zodiac sign? 

Student 1: ” Hmm, my best friend is really something else at times,  I think that in certain situations they are very naive, and I feel, that has a lot to do with their compassionate side. They care so much that sometimes it blinds them in situations where they really need to see the big picture. They are also very quick-tempered, they are ready to fight anytime!!! (Ha, ha). 

Student 2: “Aries definitely have extreme emotions, like one minute they are chill, but when they get into their feelings it can get a bit hectic if you don’t give them the proper amount of space and time to really deal with their emotions. They are also an irrational sign and act heavily on intense emotions”. 

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