Beautiful, Empowering Women That Did- That.

What can Rihanna not do? Rihanna, a music icon and an eight-time Grammy winner. The fashion icon with her own successful business empire. The creative, genius mind behind Fenty Puma, Fenty Beauty, and Savage x Fenty. Rihanna, a new ambassador of her motherland, Barbados. Rihanna was officially appointed as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Barbados. With this title, she is responsible for promoting education, tourism, and investment for the island. Rihanna inspires us, by sending the message that the world is truly ours and opportunity is out there, we just have to work hard enough.



2. Emma Watson.


Emma Watson is best known for her acting roles as Hermione in Harry Potter or Belle in the latest remake of Beauty and the Beast, but besides being exceptionally beautiful and talented, Emma Watson is extremely smart! Regardless of how busy her schedule was, Emma graduated from Brown University (yes, Brown the Ivy League school!). She’s an activist and a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, where she leads her own campaign #HeForShe. Her campaign’s goal is to encourage men to advocate for gender equality. Emma Watson proves that women aren’t defined by their looks, but by the beauty of their strength and determination.


3. Kelsey Merritt

    Kelsey Merritt is a twenty-one year old model who will walk in this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She isn’t an ordinary model joining the elite group of gorgeous models, but the first Filipino VS Angel to walk on the runway! As a Filipina, Kelsey Merritt definitely is my hero, but also encourages girls to keep pushing beyond boundaries and to look good while doing so!



4. Serena Williams

Serena Williams, the true queen of Black Excellence, who continuously exceeds expectations through her victories on and off the tennis court. She’s won the Grand Slam 21 times and has lost only 4 single matches. Incredibly enough, Serena has earned the triumphant first-place Grand Slam title, while being 2 months pregnant! Yet, that pregnancy was quite the obstacle, and critical, to Serena and her health. Despite all the hate and prejudices thrown at Serena, she teaches us to keep moving forward and better ourselves, so we can stay stunting on our haters!


5. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

    Meghan is a former actress, but better known as the newly crowned Duchess of Sussex! She recently married Prince Harry and is technically not the first royal African American, but the first royal African American since like the 1700s! Meghan is an active feminist and a gender equality advocate for the UN. Recently, Meghan launched her charitable cookbook that she’d always dreamed about. Together: Our Community Cookbook, includes recipes from women affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, shows us that everyone’s happily ever after is out there and that dreams do come true (and, maybe one day we can marry a prince, too!).


6. Malala


    Malala, the youngest Nobel Prize winner, who continuously defies the Taliban and defends the rights of not only herself, but young girls across Pakistan. In her society, only 40% of adult women can read and write. Out of the 5.4 millions children not in primary school, 62% of them are girls. Being a young female student herself, Malala advocated for education reform, especially for girls. At only fifteen, the Taliban issued a death threat against her, which led to Malala getting shot in the head on the way home from school. She luckily survived and published her own book, I Am Malala, a year later. Malala inspires girls to utilize their voice and recognize the power it has, so that we can speak up for what’s right too!


7.  Ariana Grande

    Ariana Grande, America’s very own pop-icon sweetheart, who unceasingly radiates love and positivity to the world, regardless of how many challenges she encounters. Some girls remember her most as “Cat,” in Nickelodeon’s hit shows Victorious and Sam and Cat, or some girls know her best for one of her eight catchy, upbeat multiplatinum singles. She recently dropped her latest album, Sweetener. Despite Ariana’s unwavering smile, she’s struggled and suffered, just like the rest of us. She has suffered several losses, the loss of her grandfather, twenty of her fans that were victims of the Manchester terrorist attack at her concert, and now Mac Miller, her ex-lover of two years, but most importantly her lifelong best friend. Ariana teaches girls to stay positive and focused no matter how difficult and challenging life seems. We love you and are praying for your peace, Ariana!


This is only a few of the millions of women who continue to accomplish and succeed every day. The future is truly female, we just have to keep empowering one another and supporting our fellow sisters.  Shoutout to every student, mother, doctor, sister, artist, daughter, and girl because with each and every passing day, you have continuously did- THAT.