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As she sits in her living room heartbroken because she just celebrated another birthday and broke up with her boyfriend, you pop up. Unexpected to say the least but she didn’t want to give you no play. She didn’t know you from a can of paint and wondered why you approached her. It was just days before she wrote down a list of goals that she wanted to accomplish. You were on that list but she didn’t expect you would appear so fast. It was a sign from God. She needed you at that moment she was feeling low. You were there to comfort her and make her spirits feel high. The messages back and forth was something she could get used to. She was feeling your vibe and you were feeling hers. That moment you guys saw each other was like a scene in a movie when boy meets girl and girl meets boy. As you guys walked up to each other you had a look of shockness in your eyes. She was looking like damn your foine. Your look expressed the words of damn you’re even beautiful in person. She was sure at that moment you picked the right girl. The first thing that she noticed was your hair and beard. She wanted to rub her hands through your hair so bad but kept her cool. At that moment she felt comfortable with you. It was like you guys met before. Both energies matched and that was shocking to her. She wondered “where did this man come from and why he chose me?” The moment felt like a dream. A dream she didn’t want to wake up from. She knew you were the man of her dreams when she cried in your arms and you never let her go. She knew at that very moment she never wanted you to leave her side. You made her insecurities go away. You made her smile from east to west. You made her feel emotions she didn’t think existed. Her natural being came out when you were around. When you weren’t around she missed you like crazy. She smelled your scent every where she went. She started using your lingo and everything you did she followed. This wasn’t because she was obsessed, you were just her better half. You were her equal and her heart. Every night before she went to sleep you are the last thought and her first when she wakes. These words she can never speak to you because you already see it through her actions. Her generosity and loving ability speaks within her spirit. What would she do if you never came into her life? Where would she be? You fell into her lap and now she can’t get rid of you even if she tried. Yes you irk her nerves and yes you do things she doesn’t agree with but this is only the beginning of the story. It is still being written and as each day goes by you brighten her world. With the time and space between you guys the bond will only get stronger. You know her better than anyone else and she knows you like the back of her hand. Everyday she is growing into the queen you are meant to be with and you are growing into the king she wished for. What if she hadn’t written that list, would you exist?

My name is Omni Cierra Latimer. I am 23 years old. I am a Leo. My passion is writing and I want to work for a blog in the future.
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