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Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright) is Turning Old Plastics into Fashionable Swimwear to Reduce Waste

Bonnie Wright (you may recognize her as Ginny from the Harry Potter franchise) is my new hero. In the past couple years, I've really put a focus on living sustainably and using less waste. Recently, I was scrolling through Instagram and stopped when I saw one of my favorite childhood hero's––Ginny Weasley. I follow a shop called Package Free on Instagram (you should really check them out) and found out they are currently doing a giveaway in partnership with Bonnie Wright! I didn't realize there were celebrities that support the sustainable lifestyle and I'm stoked to see that Bonnie is pushing the revolution forward!

Along with advocating for using less single use plastics, Bonnie Wright also has an eco-friendly swimsuit collection through Fair Harbor. The suits are made out of recycled plastic bottles, and I have never wanted anything more. The reviews are that they are comfortable, adjustable, and all around a good buy. You can feel less guilty buying one compared to other suits if you're in the market for a new bikini for the summer!

I think that it is more important than ever that we speak up about the linear cycle of our products. Items are created, shipped to stores, bought, used until we're bored and then we throw it away. We need to remember the importance of "The 3 R's" (thank you Jack Johnson); recycling, reusing and most importantly, reducing. Think about the products you're buying, if you really need them and how long will you actually be using them. When you're done with items think about donating or upcycling them instead of just conveniently throwing them out.

Having celebrities like Bonnie speak up about the problems associated with single use plastics and how to live sustainably, more of the public can be educated. It's also important to remember that not only celebrities should be talking about this, you should too! Make your voice heard, tell your congressmen and women, share on your social media how much environmental action and sustainable living means to you as an individual. Make your voice heard while we still can! I try to post easy ways to reduce waste and other fun sustainability things on my own account to get the word out! 

Make sure you remeber to recycle, who knows, your waste might be made into swimwear one day. And if you'd like to learn more about living plastic free, or at least reducing your waste, make sure to follow accounts like @PackageFreeShop, @ThisIsBWright and @BeZeroWasteGirl among many others on Instagram. Educating yourself on this issue and having a true understanding of the needs of our Earth will help you speak out.


Kelsey is a senior Justice and Psychology student at the University of Alaska Anchorage. She is the Anchorage Correspondent and writer for the University of Alaska Her Campus chapter. Kelsey is an avid traveler and just finished a five week long backpacking trip through Europe. She is very environmentally conscious and working towards living with less plastic and waste in every aspect of her life. Kelsey is a small business owner of an art studio and fan of all things creative. She is also working towards making her way into the fantasy fiction novel world. Follow her on Instagram @kelseykroon to see travel photos and ideas about how to create less waste!
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