5 Go-to Websites for Online Shopaholics

  1. J&Co Jewelry has a broad assortment of dainty and minimalist jewelry. They generally use good quality, but inexpensive sterling silver. My favorite thing are their pretty little earrings because there are so many combinations to let your creativity run wild.


  2. 2. Arnhem

    When she was young, Arnhem Bickley traveled the world making clothing for her dolls. She later created her own clothing and accessories store. Her brand is based entirely around creativity, bohemian spirit and sustainable living.

  3. Madewell has everyday essentials and they do it well—their products include everything from clothing to accessories and they even have a home section. They have every type of denim imaginable and definitely are a go-to for a good pair of jeans.

  4. Poshmark is a secondhand and boutique online store that allows anyone with an account to sell and purchase items from other members. It's totally free and a lot of people make a living selling on it. There are countless items with varying costs, but generally everything is pretty inexpensive because the items are mostly gently used.

  5. This store is filled with inspiration from three main cities: Stockholm, Los Angeles and Paris. Their clothing seems to be higher end and more mature and businesslike, similar to Madewell.