Why We Are Never Satisfied

We have grown up in a generation where people constantly say, "Wow, you still have the iPhone 6? I feel bad for you."  Everything we have is antique within weeks. It is impossible to keep up with the latest in-thing, the trending hashtags, or the current technology.

Before us, people were happy to have something as simple as a typewriter that could erase. Or a phone that didn't cost a fortune to call your aunt who lives across the country. (At least this is what my elders tell me.)

Don't get me wrong, the technology we have is amazing. Our society has revolutionized and we have made the impossible, possible. Lots is changing, including our mindsets.

Being thankful for the minimal is not a common sight. Everyone I see around me constantly craves more. Never satisfied. My friends complain about their car their dad paid for, "Sorry my car is such a piece of junk." Meanwhile, I've been saving for months to buy my own actual piece of junk.

Bottom line, it is important to take a step back and be thankful for what you do have. Even if it is an iPhone 5C (which is the best phone ever in my opinion) or a garbage car from the 90's. Yes, there will always be something better out there, and that is something I learned.

I know that I don't always have the hippest fads, but I am just fine with that. If we live with the mindset that there is always something better out there, how will we ever be satisfied?? We won't be.