Why Southern Schools Are the Best

  1. Football

    SEC does it better. Nothing you experience will ever compare to gameday in the South.

2. Nice people

Southern hospitality is a real thing. People actually stop to say, "How are you?" and they really mean it.

3. Southerners know how to party.

They never back down.

4. The weather, generally.

Ten months out of the year and the other two you'll sweat like you just ran a marathon.

5. You get to wear cowboy boots.

There's nothing more fun than dancin' in boots with your girls.

6. You experience a whole new culture.

College is about getting out of your comfort zone. The South will definitely allow you to achieve this.

7. You can legally sit in the back of a truck!!   

Nothing better.    

8. BBQ restaurants everywhere.

You'll never have trouble finding some good comfort food.

9. You'll always find a home in The South.

This is my Southern Squad. They make it all worth it.

The South is the place to be. Choosing University of Alabama was the best decision I ever made. Roll tide!!