Which Witch Are You?

Happy October Her Campus ladies! It is finally that time of year when the air gets cooler, the sun sets faster, and everything seems to be a little spookier. To get into the October spirit, take this quiz to find out which iconic Halloween witch you are!

1.              What is your perfect witch’s accessory?

     a.              A magic broom, so I can quickly get where I need to be.

     b.              A witch’s glass, to keep in touch with my fellow witches.

     c.              A wand, it’s all in the wrist!

     d.              My family spell book that has been passed down for ages.

2.              Every witch needs a sidekick! Who is yours?

     a.              My sisters, they’ve been with me through everything.

     b.              My grandma, she taught me everything I need to know.

     c.              My crush, he’s magical in more than one way.

     d.              My best friends from day one, together we’re unstoppable.

3.               If your friends had to describe you in one word, what would it be?

     a.              Bold

     b.              Brave

     c.              Intelligent

     d.              Powerful

4.              What is your plan for this Halloween?

     a.              Trick or treating, I love seeing the little children out and about.

     b.              Pumpkin carving, no Halloween is complete without a jack-o-lantern!

     c.              Brewing up a new potion to try.

     d.              Having a scary movie marathon with my besties!

5.              What is your favorite color?

     a.              Purple

     b.              Orange

     c.              Yellow  

     d.              Red

6.              What is your go to phrase this time of the year?

     a.              “I’ll put a spell on you!”

     b.              “Halloween is cool.”

     c.              “Just swish and flick!”

     d.              “Coming back to life is complicated.”

7.              You got invited to a costume party! What costume do you put together?

     a.              Sexy devil, you can never go wrong with red horns.

     b.              A witch, it's easy and classic.

     c.              Harry Potter, he’s the boy who lived.

     d.              A flapper girl, it’s old fashioned and fun.

8.              Uh oh, new spells are not easy. What spell are you trying to learn?

     a.              A morphing spell to turn humans into cats. Sometimes I just need people to go away.

     b.              A spell to reverse the damage from another spell. No matter how big you messed up, you can always undo the damage.

     c.              A spell to levitate things. If I need something, I can just make it come to me.

     d.              A spell to bring the dead back to life. I love my family and friends and would do anything to keep them with me.

9.              The sugar rush is real on Halloween! What is your favorite candy to trick or treat for?

     a.              Black licorice

     b.              Candy corn

     c.              Kit Kats

     d.              Snickers

10.  If you had to choose a place to live, where would you go?

     a.              The hometown I grew up in. I’ve never wanted to go anywhere else.

     b.              Somewhere I can celebrate Halloween every day! It’s the best holiday!

     c.              My university, I love my school and the people I have met here.

     d.              I would want to have the power to change between the living world and afterlife.




If you chose mostly A’s, you’re most like Winnie Sanderson! Winnie is one of the much talked about Sanderson sisters. She is determined to get what she wants and is not afraid to speak her mind.

If you chose mostly B’s, you’re most like Marnie Cromwell! Marnie is a newer witch who is quickly learning about herself and the world around her. Marnie is a brave and family-oriented witch who will go out of her way to protect the ones she loves. 

If you chose mostly C’s, you’re most like Hermione Granger! Hermione is one of the most hard-working witches and is always on top of tasks. She knows she is a bad witch who can out do any of the boy wizards who try to challenge her.

If you chose mostly D’s, you’re most like Bonnie Bennett. Bonnie is protective and caring towards the people she loves. Bonnie is quick to use her magic to help others’ needs without a second thought, even if it means putting herself at risk.