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Tips If You’ve Never Been to a Festy

Tips If You’ve Never Been to a Festy

October is here and Halloween is around the corner. Everyone has different plans for Halloween and one event that college students get excited for is Hullaween at Suwanee in Live Oak, Florida. If you’ve never been to a music festival before and this will be your first time, here are some tips.

1. Dress accordingly to the weather: If you’re going to a festy like Hullaween, don’t assume just because it’s Florida that it’s going to be sunny and warm like I did when I went two years ago. Make sure you bring warm clothes. I was freezing, especially at night. I wish I had packed properly to keep warm. I brought a denim jacket and one hippie coat that really weren’t warm enough, even though it looked great!  Make sure you bring a rain jacket since you never know when it might rain and it will suck if it does and you’re camping and wet. I had never done primitive camping before and my first experience was at Hullaween.

2.) Pack Extra Clothes: I made the mistake of not packing enough socks and clothes. I had to wear dirty socks because I did not bring enough. Trust me; you don’t want to be wearing dirty socks after walking around for a few days! If primitive camping isn’t your thing, then you should probably book a hotel or if there isn’t a hotel near the festival you plan on going to, you might want to consider a different festy.

3.) Stick with your Group: The campground for Suwannee, Hullaween was huge. There were literally no police anywhere, which didn’t make me feel safe, especially when I was walking back to camp on wooded pathways in the dark. It was really easy to get lost and one night I was only able to find the camp because someone had painted wooden lollipops outside their tent site. If it weren’t for those painted wooden lollipops, I would never have found my way back. Seriously. Make sure you’ve got a battle buddy or that you’re with your group.

4.) Festivals are pricey: Everything is expensive. Tickets for Hullaween were $250 dollars per person. Like at any event, food at concession stands is over priced. They have vendors who sell different merchandise if you want to buy a souvenir. In a nutshell, be mindful of how much everything will cost. Do yourself a favor and bring extra cash!

5. Pick a festival that fits your music taste: There are festivals that have more mainstream music while others have more independent music. Different festivals have different vibes depending on the artists and the location. Some music festivals have more of a drug element to them than others so be careful. Be mindful that some people might be in another state of mind. 

6.) Make sure you’re phone is charged. If your festy is in the middle of nowhere, you need your phone to be completely charged. I walked back to the campsite with my phone dead in the dark. Trust me, it didn’t make me feel very safe.

It’s not the same for every music festival but there is a myth that everyone there is going to be around you’re age. At Hullaween, I thought that everyone there was going to be around 18 to middle twenties, I was wrong! There were a good amount of people who were in their 40s to 50s. Yes, imagine if you’re parents were going to a festy.

Enjoy you’re festy and if you decide that music festivals aren’t you’re thing, at least you gave it a shot and tried out a new experience! Have fun ladies and enjoy the music!



Haleigh Kemmerly is a Senior at the University Of Alabama. She is a Telecommunication and Film major with a Creative Writing minor. She is a staff writer for Her Campus Bama. Haleigh has a passion for writing, nature, travel, and film. She describes herself as a huge animal lover and adventurer. She competed in rodeos and horse competitions and won a few state tiles while living in Kentucky. She grew up in a military family and calls herself a proud Army brat. She had the rare and unique wonderful experience living in Seoul, Korea for two years as a child. She's thankful she got the opportunity to move to different parts of the United States and was exposed to several different cultures and people. She has the heart of a gypsy and a wandering spirit.
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