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Things you Won’t Understand Unless You go to The University of Alabama

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Alabama chapter.

In my opinion, going to the University of Alabama is the equivalent of knowing someone everywhere you go. What does this mean you might ask? It means that no matter where you are, someone around you will know about the University of Alabama and look for ways to see you succeed. If it were me, I would use that to my networking advantage, but to each its own. That being said, every college has things unique about them that you can’t find anywhere else. However, this list is things you would not understand unless you are a student here at the Capstone.

1. Joyrides. Nothing else needs to be said about the joy that is Joyrides. *Pun intended* Joyrides are small campus gold carts that run Thursday to Sunday typically at night. If you are currently thinking of the school’s party scene, well you are right in that Joyrides are a convenience for partygoers. However, if you need to make a quick trip to Publix or even a ride to the library, then a Joyride is at your service.

2. The Starbucks line leaves a lot to be desired. I’m always reminded that I go to a big university when I get out of my early morning class, decide I deserve Starbucks as a reward, and then see the line is out of the door. *Insert heavy sigh* As I drink my Starbucks because the line was miraculously short today, the campus Starbucks close to all the buildings deserves an award for the number of people they serve every day.

3. Party Culture. If you go to the University of Alabama you understand that there is an ever-present party life. There’s nothing wrong with having fun, but every student can attest that social life, here at the Capstone, is one of the big reasons we students deserve more than a month-long winter break. Special shoutout to my bed for bearing the brunt of the fall semester in days of recovery during winter break. If you are thinking about attending the nation’s finest South Eastern Conference school and what #Barstool considers the nation’s #1 Party school, then be prepared for gamedays to be a whole weekend event.

4. Bama Rush. If you have a TikTok page, then you know what #BamaRushTok is. The University of Alabama is home to the largest Greek life organizations in the nation. Here we are proud to be home to the greatness that is known as #BamaRush, in which thousands of girls run home to the sorority for them. This past summer, we saw OOTDs to last us a lifetime and lived vicariously through these young girls. If you are looking to get in on this action, UA would proudly accept you into the rush process.

5. The University of Alabama would not be the same without the many free items I’ve gotten. If there is one thing UA is sure to do, it is hand out items galore. If an adult in your life is currently telling you not to bring too many t-shirts to campus, this is your sign to listen. I cannot count the number of t-shirts I have gotten from the school. In fact, my t-shirt drawer is filled to the brim. Do I even need to start on the mugs, cups, pens, cookies, gadgets, pencils, and buttons? I’m sure you get it by now. If there is one thing UA should be known for, it is the spirit of giving here on campus.

6. Athletics. I would be remiss if I did not mention the phenomenal program that is the University of Alabama athletics. Not only are we home to a world of a renowned football team (everyone says thank you to Nick Saban) but we are truly becoming an everything school. Here on campus that means we are no longer just good at football, but we also are good at other sports. Yes, I am talking about our basketball and softball. rowing team, soccer, but again the list goes on. If your sport was not mentioned, we’re probably good at that too. Typically, if you think of UA, you’re thinking about sports. Which, around here, is nothing shy of greatness.

7. I would dare to call the Capstone the campus that never sleeps. Here at the university, there is always an event to attend, a date party to go to, a club meeting, a networking opportunity to attend, and maybe even a party to stop by. Usually, there is one thing after the next for a student to do. Here, we are never worried about a lack of things to do. In fact, I would say that most students need a break from everything that is Alabama campus life. Don’t worry about boredom, worry more about why there are only twenty-four hours in the day.

8. Presidential Village. *Insert crickets* If you have ever stayed on campus as a University of Alabama freshman, you know about the creature that is Presidential Villiage. There’s not much that I can say without scaring you away from this article, but just know that Presidential Village is a world of its own. If you go there at night, you might come back shocked at the events that occur over there. Consider this article your first warning.

Hopefully, these unique things about the University of Alabama are enough to convince you that UA is the best place on earth. Sure, every college has its icks, but here we embrace them and celebrate them every weekend. *Picture us winking right now* If you have read through all these things and think you understand the Capstone, I will leave you with one final statement: If you know, you know.

Hello Everyone! My name is Carrington Mills and I am privileged to be a writer for HerCampus! I am currently a Chemical Engineering student but a passion of mine is reading and writing. My favorite author is Jane Austen but I love a good Colleen Hoover book.