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As April comes to an end, you may see confetti fill the ground of your college campus. You know what that means? Graduation season! With the crazy season of finals and celebrations, time to think of and buy graduation gifts may become sparse. It may become difficult to think of what would be useful to a graduate in this stage of their life as they transition into the real world. Below are some recommendations for some graduation gifts, some big and some small! 


Starting off with a basic idea, jewelry is a perfect graduation gift. It is something that can be worn every day and can be a great memoir of all their accomplishments throughout their college experience. My favorite piece of jewelry last graduation season was the 2021 Graduation Stretch Bracelet. Bracelets are perfect jewelry if you are unsure of what type of jewelry the graduate prefers. This bracelet comes in both silver and gold. This bracelet is casual because of the stretchy material and is a simple reminder for the graduate. I anticipate this will be a popular gift this graduation season because of the quality of the bracelet as well as the price of $48, this bracelet is the perfect gift. Besides Kendra Scott, other jewelry alternatives can include Gorjana and Bauble Bar


Blankets, regardless of age, are something that everyone always needs. Blankets are a perfect gift if you are willing to splurge but can also be a budget friendly option. Blankets can also be found everywhere. My current favorite Amazon blanket is the Bedsure Faux Fur Throw Blanket for Couch. This blanket offers comfort while also providing affordability. This blanket is quality for the amazing price of $20! If you are willing to splurge a bit more, a Barefoot Dreams blanket is the perfect opportunity to make a blanket a more valuable gift. This gift is practical for a graduate’s everyday life.  

Letters to My Future Self 

College can be a crazy 4 years and can go by in a flash. Reflection is difficult to have in the everyday craziness of college. However, in adult life, Reflecting back on college and seeing how much growth you go through as an individual, can be very rewarding. Letters to My Future Self is a perfect gift for a graduate to revisit their 4 years in college later in their life. This unique gift can be cherished by the graduate as well as those close to them.  


As a college student, the typical norm for a wallet is a phone wallet. However, as you start to grow up and begin to have more cards, it is much more likely for the cards to fall out of the phone wallet. It is important as an adult to stay organized in order to prevent stress and hassle in your life. An easy way to stay organized and stress free is by having a reliable wallet. My favorite wallet is the Kate Spade Leila Small Slim Bifold Wallet. I enjoy this wallet because of its size. Carrying around a bulky wallet can be annoying, but this wallet offers the perfect amount of space for all your cards to be safe and organized.  


Graduation season is the transition between the school year and summertime. Sunglasses are the perfect summer accessory and can be useful for many years to come in a graduate’s life. My favorite sunglasses brand is Quay because of the quality and reliability their sunglasses bring. I have had some pairs of my Quay’s for years and they have never failed me. 


With new jobs outside of graduate school, it may be required to travel often. In order to have successful travel, a reliable carry on is essential. A small suitcase can be harder to access, and a purse can be too small for all your items. The perfect in-between carry-on bag is the Greyson Riot Neoprene Tote. This tote is large enough to hold all your items and is open for easy accessibility. These totes are super trendy right now and are super good quality. Even though these are on the pricier side, the functionality of the bag makes the price worth it.  


A new schedule in the workforce can take some time getting used to. Whether it is adjusting to a new time zone or having to adjust your sleep schedule, caffeine is more than likely to be essential. A small Keurig is a perfect apartment essential to save the maximum amount of money. Keurig’s, even being a bigger investment at first, may be the best purchase for a caffeine addict. Starbucks can be an average purchase of $6 everyday, which brings this payoff after 26 Starbucks trips. 

All these graduation gifts are perfect for this graduation season. Whether you go with the jewelry, Keurig, or the blanket, any of these gifts would be useful to a graduate! Happy graduation season! 

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