Style Spotlight: The Possessionista Dana Weiss

Have you
ever seen an outfit on one of your favorite TV series and thought, where can I find what she’s wearing? Well, thanks to the brainchild of Dana Weiss, it's a question you won't have to ask anymore! Possessionista combines Dana's two favorites: TV and fashion. She tracks celebrity style and looks seen on popular shows to give her readers daily postings on where to find it, often for less. A former publicist and self-proclaimed 'possessionista', Dana Weiss finds everyday fashion for everyday people and, as her tagline suggests, "for the fashionably compulsive." Looking at her blog, you get a sense of who Dana is from her postings, especially the ones featuring her closet. Here are a few of Dana's style tips for replicating some of the looks on her blog and upping your style ante:

1. Picking the Perfect Jean Silhouette

If you need to crop your jeans, consider the hem and cuff. To keep the silhouette of her jeans true to the original form, Dana recommends asking for the original hem when shortening denim. There's a flattering jean silhouette for every woman, and the perfect fit can make you appear taller, and yes, thinner.

2. Tailoring Pieces

Dana insists on getting all her clothes tailored for that custom made look. Even if it comes from retailers like Forever 21 or Wet Seal, tailoring key pieces in your closet is an affordable way to breathe new life back into your wardrobe. From a basic white blouse and pants to a jacket or blazer, a few small adjustments and a couple of inches can make the difference between an average piece and a showstopper.

3. Shopping Online Sample Sales

They're tempting and addictive, dangling discounted fashion and accessories for you to covet everyday. Dana is a fan of online sample sale sites because they're perfect for finding clothes seen in movies or last-season pieces for a fraction of the price you'd pay at retail. The key is shopping these sites with a plan and buying only additions needed in your wardrob. Dana cautions against splurging on random pieces since they may end up just hanging in your closet. Most are exclusive, but if you know someone who's already a member (like us to give you the hook up), try out sites like Gilt, Hautelook and Rue La La for your favorite designer brands.

4. Mixing and Matching Patterns

When wearing a fun print or pattern, the key word is balance. Dana mixes and matches bold patterns with tiny patterns for a powerful fashion statement. She recommends keeping colors in the same family to avoid clashing, as well as paying attention to scale. If you’re not into bold and busy clothing, you can always leave the prints and patterns to your shoes, handbags, or jewelry. Ethnic or tribal looks are perfect for this season; just don't get too carried away with head-to-toe prints!

5. Layering Necklaces

Dana reinvents old outfits with accessories such as long necklaces layered with tiny ones. Layering is a great way to add new life to some pieces you already own. And the best part about it? There are no rules. So go ahead and mix gold with silver or tough statement jewelry with more delicate pieces. For the accessory-challenged, try layering up to three necklaces that vary in length for a three-tiered effect or try mixing chunky beaded pieces for a boho-luxe look.

6. Stacking Bracelets

When it comes to arm candy, Dana is all about stacking (bracelets that is)! She creates unexpected combinations with beads, chains, and bangles. To make your arms the focal point, keep your outfit sleek and simple. Variety is important. Try different textures, sizes, color, and even bangles with watches for a little added style and funk. Remember, there's no limit to how many you can wear, just find one aspect that ties the look together.

Whether featuring her own outfits or your favorite TV starlet’s, Dana translates on-screen style to affordable, chic items you can actually add to your closet. However, her most important investment is a great haircut. It's the key to a polished look, transforming any outfit, good or bad!