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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Alabama chapter.

This year, I’m traveling with my family for spring break, and I know that to some people that sounds… tedious. Spending the week with your family? No friends or partying until  sunrise? For me, that’s more than alright. I am looking forward to traveling with my family this coming week, and I’m here to ease your worries if seeing your family makes you nervous.  

First, be grateful for this opportunity. It is most likely a paid-for vacation for you, allowing you to keep some money in your savings for summer (woohoo). It also means you will probably have more opportunities for excursions, fancy dinners, or even a longer trip. This year, I’ll be traveling to the Grand Cayman Islands, which is certainly not a trip I would have been able to afford on my own. This is an opportunity for me to experience a new culture, explore a new place, try new food, and gain quality time with my family. 

I haven’t been home since I left in January, and to be honest, it’s hit me hard. Coming back to school after winter break was something I had not done enough mental preparation for. It was more difficult to adjust than it was when I moved in August, and I missed my family. I also feel like when I was home, I worked way too much and prioritized my friends instead of my family. So, now is my chance to even it out and spend time with them. 

I also have friends who have different spring break weeks than I do, so there wouldn’t be much to do at home if I wasn’t going to travel. Personally, relaxing on the beach with my family sounds better than the drama that arises with a traditional “college” spring break. If you have ever traveled with friends, you know someone always feels left out, wants to go home, or is always complaining that the accommodations aren’t as good as it seemed online. This is a week that is meant to be stress-free, so there is no need to be in a stressful environment. 

I also am a firm believer in giving all types of relationships in your life space to breathe. If you spend too much time with someone, there is a good chance you are going to get sick of them… and vice versa. As much as I adore all of my college friends, I think a mini break will be beneficial for our relationships, and we will all have great stories to share when we get back.  

At the end of the day, spring break is all about what you make it. You can choose to feel alone or left out, or you can make the best of the opportunities you are granted. I can’t wait to see the fun my other friends are having, but with that, I’m also not going to let it take away from my vacation. I am looking forward to being tan, swimming in the ocean, and catching up with my family.  

Spring break can be fun no matter who you’re with or where you are. So don’t have FOMO next week, and take all of the cute Instagram pictures you want… and try not to stress about all the tests you have when you get back.  

A new writer at the University of Alabama, who loves to talk about fashion and spending money, because I love retail therapy.