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Songs We Want Taylor to Sing on Her “Eras” Tour

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On November 1, 2022, TikTok blew up with huge news that Taylor Swift announced that morning. I remember my entire For You page being filled with excitement from Swifties for the long-awaited announcement of a tour… the first one since 2019. This led to TikTok users, many of whom were not previously Taylor Swift fans, to be fascinated with the tour, which will feature her entire discography. Fans started debating which songs she should sing, since the possibilities are endless. Taylor Swift allowed fans to opt-in to a verified presale and the demand was unlike any other tour. Many fans, including myself, did not get the verified presale status, causing TikTok to continue blowing up with content from Swifties. The real question, however, is how many songs is she going to sing? It seems as if everyone on TikTok has a favorite song they want her to sing. As a Swfitie myself, I know I have an opinion. Although I want her to play songs from all her albums, the set list could go on forever if she did that. So, I’ve compiled a few songs that MUST be performed at the Eras tour from her first 4 albums and my reasons why beginning with her debut album.

Our Song

Our Song is a Taylor Swift classic that I have been jamming to in the car since I first discovered it. The nostalgia this song brings deserves to have at least a few verses to be sang during the tour. This song is the perfect example of a “Country Taylor” song.

Picture To Burn

Everyone in the stands is dying to scream this song. This is a song that you could play over and over, and it’ll never get old. This song has the potential to throw the entire crowd back and hype them up.

Should’ve Said No

Should’ve Said No is the most underrated song on this album. This catchy song would be fun to sing along on this tour.

Next list is the album Fearless:

The Way I Loved You

This song blew up on Tik Tok this year and finally got the recognition it deserved. This song, being one of my favorites and now a fan favorite, is a must play for this tour.

White Horse

This underrated classic break up song will take everyone back to 2008 when we first got to experience this song.

Love Story

I don’t need to even explain this one. If you don’t know this song, you might as well not show up to the concert.

You Belong With Me

Same reasoning as Love Story, these songs are arguably two of her most successful songs.

Now for my personal favorite, Speak Now:

The Story of Us

I don’t know what she put in this song to make it so catchy, but it’s always stuck in my head and so fun to sing along to. Even though it’s a breakup song, the fun beat adds a concert vibe to this song and a unique energy for a breakup song.


This sappy love song always gives me the best feeling and is currently trending on Tik Tok. It has become a fan favorite throughout the year.

Back To December

Now, I may be a little biased (as if this article isn’t) but since Taylor Lautner is my favorite ex of Taylor’s, she must sing this song. The memories this song brings for everyone would bring everyone together.


This is another song that blew up fairly recently and has become a fan favorite. I think the beat of this song along with the lights would be a cool addition to this show.

Last Kiss

The likelihood of her playing this song is close to 0 but I’m holding on to hope that she will. This was my favorite song of hers for a long time and would be a great break from her upbeat songs.

Long Live

I’ve seen so many theories of her ending with this song on the tour and I want this theory out of all the ones I saw to happen the most. The song was dedicated to her fans so I think ending her eras tour to it would be the perfect choice for her.

Next up is Taylor’s next era, Red:


Even though it’s the name of the album, this song is one of the most underrated songs on the album and would be a perfect transition into her Red era.

Holy Ground

Although this one is not as well-known as others, Swifties tend to scream this song whenever it comes on. It would be a surprise, but still a hit.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together/I Knew You Were Trouble Mashup

This mashup, I feel, is very realistic considering that these two songs were popular in this era and share a similar theme.


22 should be the final song to her Red era because of the energy and fun beat it brings.

Every single Taylor Swift song is a hit and deserves to be sung on tour, but these are the songs that I think would hype the crowd up the most. From the tour blowing up on Tik Tok, I love seeing all the conspiracies of what songs she will sing and wonder how many of those will end up being correct.

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