A Ranking of My Top 10 Favorite Tom Petty Songs

Tom Petty holds a special place in my heart. For just about any big moment that has happened in my life, there is a Tom Petty song I can relate it to. He truly made history with his music. I was devastated to hear of his death, but it has allowed me to get reconnected to his wide range of songs. While hits like “Free Fallin’” and “Breakdown” are extremely popular and known by just about everyone, there are some hidden gems he has that not everyone is usually aware of. Below, I have ranked my top 10 favorite Tom Petty songs.


1. Learning to Fly

My list starts with this more upbeat song. Lots of Tom Petty’s songs are sadder in nature, but this song makes it hard to notice the lyrics when the tempo is so quick. An easy listen for sure.


2. Mary Jane’s Last Dance

A Tom Petty classic. Great lyrics, great voices, great harmonica.


3. Into The Great Wide Open

One of my favorite life mantras focuses on how the world is full of possibilities, and this song exemplifies that idea. While it doesn’t go too well for the couple in the story, the song is a great and easy listen when you’re in the mood for a story.


4. Louisiana Rain

The Tom Petty Sirius XM radio is a staple in my car. “Louisiana Rain” always seems to be on whenever I am in the car, making it an ideal driving song.


5. Crawling Back To You

In my last article, I talked about my struggles with anxiety. There was a point last semester where I was so worried and anxious about something (that of course, I can’t remember anymore). I texted my dad about it, and he sent back “most things I worry about never happen anyway”. This song has stuck with me for that reason, and I like to listen to it whenever I feel as if I’m spiraling out of control.


6. The Waiting

One of the better known songs featured on my list, “The Waiting” easily makes my top 5. I’m sorry it took so long to get to this song. The waiting is the hardest part, after all.


7. You Don’t Know How It Feels

It’s easy to understand and relate to this song. It can be a tough one to listen to, especially when you’re going through a difficult time. However, it’s always good to know you’re not alone.


8. Room At The Top

As one of my most played Tom Petty songs, this one holds a special place in my heart. I listen to this whenever I’m feeling sad, happy, and angry. The song itself is a tad depressing in nature (as according to the Rolling Stone, Tom wrote it while he was in the middle of a divorce with his first wife). Still, it’s a slower classic that shouldn’t be overshadowed.


9. The Best of Everything

This song is very different from Petty’s traditional style, but I think that makes it all the better.


10. Time To Move On

I may or may not have listened to this song on repeat for several hours in a Starbucks while I contemplated which songs should go where in this article. It’s heartbreaking, real, and unfortunately, fitting. Absolutely worthy of the number 1 spot, especially now.

R.I.P Tom Petty. You are already so missed.