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Planning Your Honors Weekend Road Trip

It’s out with the cold and in warm, goodbye clouds of gray hello skies of sun. With temperatures approaching 70 degrees now and Honors Weekend just 2 weeks away, it is time to start planning your trips. Whether the white sands and waves are calling your name, the mountains in the north are begging to be explored, or a trip a fun city is what you need Now is the time to start thinking about where you want to go! And while the idea of a road trip seems easy, fun, and spontaneous, it never hurts to plan out a few things before you and your friends hit the road.  


  1. Map out your trip.     

Yes I know, no one uses an actually paper map anymore. But before you blindly follow your phone map through something that may have once been a road but now looks more like a forgotten hiking trail, look it over and make sure you are ok with the route. Also, see what you will be passing along the way. You might want to add a stop to your trip.


2) Watch Your Tank

The last thing you want to do is realize you have 30 miles left on your class and the next gas station is 60 miles away. Also, plan out beforehand how you are paying for gas. Are we all contributing or is someone going to buy lunch, the other snacks to share the cost? The last thing a road trip needs is arguing about money.

3) Budget

I am not saying to spend anything while on your trip, but establish beforehand how much you want to spend, so you don’t have to make any super of the moment decisions.  While it may seem like a good idea at the moment, when the time comes to pay the bill your choices may not look as good. A good trick is to put a certain amount of money on a gift card so you can’t blow your whole paycheck at once.


4) Find a Quality Playlist

Nothing sets the mood like a good playlist, and no road trip is complete without one. Whether you are a master DJ or in the market to find one, Spotify is always a good place to find your soundtrack. I personally recommend spending a night with your friends picking out songs and finding forgotten anthems for a time gone by.


    The most important part is to have fun and relax. You may run into some traffic or get behind on time, but is all part of the experience. When you look back on these trips you won’t remember all the things that went wrong, but all the little things that made you laugh and the people you shared them with. So pack up your bags and grab your sunglasses. There is a three day weekend open to nothing but possibilities.  

I am currently enrolled and The Univerity of Alabama. A travel enthusiast who plans to see the whole world from the window of my tiny house. I believe that exploring the world and learning about other cultures is the cure of prejudice. There are something many places and people to meet, and i just want to share my experiences.
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