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A Letter To Donald Trump From a Terrified American Citizen

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Alabama chapter.

Below is the letter that I wrote and sent off to our President Elect, Donald Trump. If you would like to e-mail, call, or write the White House, you can find all of their contact infromation here.

Dear President Trump,

First, I would like to formally congratulate you on accepting the highest honor an American citizen can receive. 301 million Americans will be looking to you for guidance in the four years to come, and I hope you can rise to the challenge that is leading America.

That being said, I did not vote for you in this election. Your demeanor and attitude towards our American government and your opponents was appalling. Your comments made towards Muslim-Americans and Mexican immigrants, as well as women and members of the black community shocked and terrified me. I refused to even imagine any scenario in which you were elected, but now, like many Americans, I have to face a future in which you are representing and leading our country, for better or (hopefully not) for worse.

Though I was not happy with the outcome of the election, I have accepted the results and the potential ramifications. However, I have a plea I wish to be heard, one that I’m sure is resonating within the hearts of the 69.7 million Americans who voted against you in the general election. As our new President, it is your duty to hear our voice and recognize our wishes, as we too are citizens of your “great” America, as much as you may hate to realize that.

Please do not follow through on some of your policies and plans. The people I know who live here who you would prefer return to their countries of origin are some of the most hard-working and honorable people I have ever met. It breaks my heart to see them fearful for their families and homes as you ascend to the White House. I hope you begin to understand that you aren’t just President of your followers and supporters, but you are President of all of us. Over half of those who voted didn’t believe in you to be capable of running a prosperous and open-minded America. Please prove them wrong. Please prove me wrong.

I believe in your hopes. Your campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” acknowledges that there are problems in our country and society. I agree that there is still a long way to go in creating an America my future children and my children’s children can be proud of. I may not see the day where America is truly recognized as a “great” country, but I hope to see the seeds of change sown within your term. Please acknowledge the Clinton, Johnson, and Stein followers, as they are as entitled to this image of a better America as much as you and I. We will not go quietly into this dark night, so please allow some light to fall on all of us in the next four years. A country divided can not stand, so rather than segregating based on prejudice and building a wall between us and our neighbors, please work to unite people who live here, of all religions, race and sex. I will be eagerly awaiting your actions as the President of the United States, and I pray that I have underestimated your abilities to lead us into a brighter future.


Sarah Fowerbaugh


Picture courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald.

Sarah is from Indianapolis, Indiana and is currently studying Telecommunications and Film at the University of Alabama. Along with her broadcasting major, she is also working towards a creative writing minor. She enjoys writing to her friends back home, caring for her hamster named Pasta, dancing around to Ellie Goulding and cultivating her cacti garden! In her spare time, Sarah can be found in the library with her head in a book or on the quad petting dogs.
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