Lastly, put yourself first

Self love and self care have been huge topics in the year of 2018.  What is self love you may ask? Self love is to unconditionally love and value yourself. One thing that I have learned this year is to step back and value myself. Sometimes life can move pretty fast and have your mind in a whirlwind. As college students, we have so many different battles that we fight on a daily basis. I can empathize with each and everyone of you reading this article, you are not alone.  What are some ways to value and spoil yourself? I can list a few ways below that could be worth the try.

  1. Pick up your favorite book: Reading your favorite book can take you to another dimension. I do not know about you guys, but a good book can have me in another world for 2-3 days. I would suggest you researching different authors of your favorite genre of books. Each person is different and different things may draw your interest. Personally, I love romance, drama, and comedy novels. Angie Thomas, Sharon Draper, and Maya Angelou are some of my favorite authors. Get you a cup of coffee and get in your bed and read until you are in the world of the book.

  2. Write it out, start journaling: Sometimes, nobody can understand your thoughts but your pen and that piece of paper. I use to think that people were just talking when they said that journaling was therapeutic. Well, my friends, let me be the first to tell you guys that they were absolutely right! I started my journaling journey in August and it has gotten me through some dark times. In your journal, you can write anything that you want to write! You can form poems, short stories, long stories, whatever you desire. Go to your favorite candle store and pick up your favorite scent, dim the lights in your room, and let your creative juices flow!

  3. Take yourself on a date: Yes, take yourself out for a night on the town! Enjoy your own company for one night, it could be so relaxing. I know at this age we do so much stuff in groups, we feel as if we cannot handle alone time. Go to the movies, your favorite restaurant, or even take time to go to your favorite clothing store. Sometimes, it is ok for you to be all about you.

  4. Turn that phone off: I know, this is probably the most difficult thing to do. Your cellphone is normally always in your hand and you are always on it. Social media and texting can be one of the main disruptions in your peace. I promise you, it is ok to take a break from your phone. If 7 days is too much, step away for 24 hours! Do something beneficial in the time you are away from your phone. Catch up on homework, meditate, watch your favorite movie, etc..

These are just a few things that you could do to take the first step of putting yourself first. Remember, nobody in this world can love you better than you can! You know what makes you happy and spend time doing just that! Never let anything come in and disturb your peace, you deserve all of the happiness coming your way!

“You owe yourself the love you freely give others”

  • Unknown