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Jobs in College: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

In college, some of us are forced to have a job in order to pay the bills or choose to have a job to keep a good amount of money in our account. Some students may never know the stress of finding a job with flexible hours. But here you are, seeking out the faithful truth on whether or not having that part-time job is going to be too much to handle. There is the good, the bad and the ugly that should be taken into consideration before searching for a part-time job. 

The Good 

Let me first point out the obvious: money. You are actually having income ever so often that you personally worked for. Money is always the number one factor in why college students have jobs, and that should remain the top reason. Juggling a job also pushes you to become more structured. Having to balance your academics with your work hours makes you recognize when you need to get things done. Nothing is better than knowing you are getting things done on time because you’re about to go into a late shift with no time to finish later. 

The Bad 

You’re a lot busier. At the risk of supporting yourself financially, you also suffer much more socially. Though you are fully capable of having a social life, sometimes you will have work shifts that interfere, or make you too tired to get up and get grooving. Full candor, it can be quite the challenge to balance your social life, extra curricular activities, health, and academics with a new job. It takes some adjusting your schedule and daily habits before it gets easier. 

The Ugly

Having a job in college can be helpful or harmful, depending on the person. Some people (like myself) absolutely love the commitment and how well it keeps me on track. Others may not be as lucky. Some jobs are just not worth it, and it can be rough going into work every single day. Some people struggle to control the new life balance and it can be stressful. Everything can feel extremely overwhelming all at once, and some people can’t adjust to it. The ugly truth is that depending on your personality type, working a job in college may not be for you. It may cause you to lack in other aspects of your life that are highly important, such as your academics. It’s important to listen to yourself and think about whether or not this is something you can realistically handle. 

Marissa is a current senior majoring in English with a double minor in creative writing and human development. Originally from Sacramento, California, she loves meeting new people and learning about different environments. When she's not rereading Jane Austen, she loves being a coach for little kids and petting dogs all day.
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