Jameela Jamil is Helping to Improve Body-Positivity Using Instagram

As a college student, we all know how hard it can be to maintain a positive body image. It seems like there’s always someone skinnier, taller, prettier, and better than me. I know I’m not alone in these feelings of insecurity, so how much happier could we all be if we focused on things other than body-negativity?

Jameela Jamil’s influence through the “I Weigh” campaign reminds all of us to be more positive about our bodies. Beginning in February of this year, The Good Place actress encouraged women on social media to post their weight- but not in numerical terms. Instead, she inspired people to post about the things that weigh the greatest influence on their lives. For example, she wrote that she “weighs” the following: a lovely relationship, great friends, a laugh every day, loving her job, making an honest living, being financially independent, and more. This inspired women from all over the world to create their own versions of Ms. Jamil’s statement, which inspired her to start an Instagram page to encourage people to remember that achievements and self-pride are more important than one’s dress size. On this page, Ms. Jamil reposts women’s notable accomplishments while reminding everyone that follows to look beyond flesh and bones to see how valuable and amazing each person is.

This campaign is especially important to Ms. Jamil because she has struggled with an eating disorder and weight gain for a large portion of her life. The goal of the “I Weigh” movement is to help others learn to appreciate themselves and encourage personal growth, because according to her, “We’re taking girls’ eyes off the ball; we’re making them think about their bodies all day when they should be thinking about their jobs or relationships or growing their happiness.”

Ms. Jamil also wants to make sure people understand that it’s still important to maintain healthy habits, but “the shame and feeling of failure are what drives us to the unhealthy eating habits we acquire to “comfort” us when we feel inferior and depressed”.

Jameela Jamil is also currently writing a book, it’s purpose being to focus on eliminating one’s shame, and why we feel so much of it in the first place. There’s no release date on the book as of now, but it’s highly anticipated by advocates for women’s empowerment.


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