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Let me tell you how to appropriately ring in the fall season…


After the year we’ve had, I know I speak for everyone when I say that I am ready to welcome in this new season with open arms. We have hit the six-month mark since the American life turned upside down as a result of the novel Coronavirus. At this point, our “surge capacity” has been largely depleted, meaning that it is becoming more and more difficult to manage our stress and anxiety surrounding the uncertainty.

Fall marks the third season of the year, a season of beginnings and endings. It’s personally my favorite season as it reminds me of crispy air, colorful leaves, and nostalgic smells. Fall reminds me of the feeling of home and hope. It reminds me of culmination and its opposing commencement.

When trying to think of how to write this article, I decided to ask some of my closest friends about their favorite fall traditions. From this, I have compiled a list for all of you to scroll through and figure out how you want to celebrate the new season. Let’s get into it!

Go to a pumpkin patch. 

There is nothing better than frolicking in a field full of pumpkins during the season of fall. It reminds me of the innocence of childhood and the freedom that stems from pure joy. There are multiple ways to have fun at a pumpkin patch as well. Whether it be smelling the scent of fresh earth, riding the tractor on hay bells, or deciding which pumpkin you want to take home, spending time at a pumpkin patch remains a staple of the fall experience.

Change up your wardrobe. 

What better time to change up your wardrobe than with the beginning of a new season? Fall means fuzzy socks, knitted hats and chestnut sweaters. It means warmth along with comfort, and your clothes should reflect that.

Go on a quick shopping trip with your friends! See who can find the cutest flannel, the trendiest coat, and the warmest boots. Summer and spring fashion have had their time to shine, and now it is fall’s turn. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and let your clothes show who you are.

Have a photoshoot with your friends. 

This may go without saying, but fall brings some of the most beautiful landscapes one can think of. It’s a time to join nature; smelling the fresh air and crunching leaves under your shoes brings joy to the soul. It’s the perfect activity to get out of the house during the “time of COVID.” What better way to celebrate the change in scenery than with a quick couple of pictures with your closest friends? You get to laugh and spend time with one another while having a cute picture to post on Instagram later. Just remember your masks

Try out some new recipes. 

Anyone who knows me knows that the kitchen is my safe space. I grew up in a household with a mother whose love language was baking, and I am thankful every day that she passed this on to me. Helping with Sunday fellowships at my church has translated into me “stress-baking” cupcakes at 11 o’clock at night for my roommates.

Although you can make any type of recipe, try to find something that reminds you of fall! My favorite fall recipes are pumpkin bars and Mississippi mud cake. They remind me of home, specifically of having a party at school and forgetting to tell my mom I need to bring something until the evening before.

Whether it be a subtle adaptation to a family recipe, or a completely new recipe never tried before, the kitchen is for you to experiment and find your home in.

Clean your space and fill it with good scents. 

Remember that fall illustrates the endings as well as beginnings. Do not be afraid to remove from your life that which drains your energy. You deserve to replace it with what you can cultivate and brings you happiness.

Start that journal that you have been afraid to use. Tidy up your workspace. Clean the room where you lay your head to rest at night. Light candles and breathe in the scent.

Find your peace and don’t let it go. This is your first time going through this life, so maintain the commitment to extending yourself grace. You got this.

Last but certainly not least, happy fall y’all!

Hi friends! I'm a public relations and political science double major with an interest in public policy. In my free time, I love annoying my friends with rants about some sort of injustice. I can't wait for us to learn from each other :)
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