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I Tried Every Fast-Food Breakfast in Tuscaloosa, Here Are My Top 5

You’ve probably heard people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but some days, a nice home-cooked breakfast is just not on the menu. Being in college, breakfast can occur anywhere between 8 AM. to 12 PM. or is just completely neglected. If you’re looking to get a quick breakfast on a budget, here are my top 5 in Tuscaloosa.


A classic option for those from the South, the Chicken Mini breakfast meal is one of my all-time favorites! Just thinking about four, warm chicken nuggets wrapped around a buttery roll with a side of crispy hash brown coins has my stomach growling! I recommend picking up your chicken mini meal in The Student Center, so you can use Bama Cash!


McDonald’s is a nationwide, reliable option. Whether I’m ordering at home in Florida, at school in Alabama, or on family vacation in New York, my go-to order is a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit with a side of their classic hash brown patty. This McDonald’s breakfast order is quick, filling and convenient!


If you’re from Texas, then you’re probably glad to see that Whataburger made my list. If it is 11 PM. to 11 AM., you can bet I will be seeking out a honey butter chicken biscuit meal. If I could have a fluffy biscuit with a piece of fried chicken in the middle smothered in honey butter sauce every day, I would. Thank goodness Tuscaloosa has two Whataburgers!


This one might seem random, but it’s so underrated! Jack’s has the best Southern style breakfast options all for under $10, and the location off of Hackberry Lane takes Bama Cash. I tried the breakfast special recently and was shocked. The special included a biscuit and gravy, grits, two scrambled eggs, and two pieces of bacon for less than $5, and I was in and out of there in less than 10 minutes. Jack’s is an absolute 10/10 recommendation from me.

Waffle house

Although it’s not exactly traditional “fast food,” Waffle House had to be included. If you’re hungover and looking for a quick and filling breakfast, Waffle House is the place to go. I always make sure to order a side of their hash browns and a cup of coffee with my hungover order to fill me up and energize me. Waffle House might not have a drive through option, but they do take to-go orders, and The Strip location takes Bama Cash!

The most important meal of the day doesn’t always have to be a big, home-made meal. If you’re in need of a quick and filling breakfast to start your day, or maybe you just stayed out a little too late last night, you should get breakfast from one of these places. I’m not sure about you, but my stomach is growling, and I’ll definitely be getting breakfast from one of these places tomorrow!

Hi, I'm Claire! I'm currently a senior at Alabama, majoring in business and minoring in sales. I'm so excited to be a writer for Her Campus at Alabama this semester! Some things I love include going to Target, my three dogs, and driving to Birmingham on the weekends with my friends!
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