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How to Have Fun in Your Hometown Over Spring Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Alabama chapter.

No boring classes for a week, no 100-page readings due every night, finally a break from the dining hall pizza; spring break seems perfect. However, your bank account just might not be able to afford that trip to the beach right now. Although spending spring break at home can seem like a one-way ticket to the most boring week ever, there’s still plenty of ways to have a memorable week. 

Go see a musical or play

Your hometown most likely has a local theater program that will be putting on a show while you’re in town, why not go support the aspiring performers? If there isn’t a theater program, your old high school may be putting on a production that you could attend with some of your friends. Even if theater isn’t your thing, it never hurts to try something new!  

Catch up on movies or books 

We all have a long list of movies or books in our phone that friends have recommended to us over the past few years. Staying in your hometown over spring break is a great way to catch up on these! Climb in bed, turn on the TV, and get ready to text your college bestie that you’ve finally watched her favorite chick flick.  

Go on a picnic 

Going on a picnic is a great motivation to get out of the house. Going to a new park can be fun, but even just sitting in your backyard can be just as great. One picnic must-have: charcuterie boards!   

TikTok four course meal challenge 

The TikTok four course meal challenge was a trend that was all over TikTok a few months ago. For this, you go with a friend or family member and do rock paper scissors to decide where to go to get drinks, an appetizer, dinner and dessert! Whoever wins each round of rock paper scissors gets to choose where to go for that particular course. This is a great way to spend some time with a loved one while also getting to eat at all your favorite restaurants.  

Try a new brunch place or coffee house  

While you’ve been away at college, chances are a new brunch restaurant or coffee house has opened in town. Being home for spring break is a great time to give it a try!  

Take a road trip with no intended destination 

Stop at the gas station, pick up some snacks, and just start driving. You can drive for 20 minutes or even a few hours, but once you reach somewhere you’re satisfied, start to explore the area. You could check out local restaurants, boutiques, or parks!  

Go bowling  

Although bowling might seem a little old school, it’s still a fun way to spend a laid-back night around town. Grab some old friends or your family, and head to your local bowling alley for a night of laughter and friendly competition!   

Have a spa day  

This is an activity that can be extremely low cost or an opportunity to be a little bougee to keep the cost down, you could run to CVS and grab a few face masks and body scrubs or even make them with supplies around your kitchen. If you are looking to have a bougee spa day, book yourself a facial or massage at your local spa. This is a great way to refresh your body and mind before returning to campus to finish off the semester! 

Have a staycation at a local hotel

If you still want to have the feeling of going on vacation while spending a smaller amount of money, a staycation at a local hotel is a great idea! You only need to spend one night, but having a change of scenery, enjoying the hotel pool, and even eating at the hotel’s restaurant can allow you to feel more refreshed than you may have expected.  

Although deciding to spend spring break at home can seem like a week of staring at the walls in your childhood bedroom, there’s lots of ways to make the week memorable. Activities such as having picnics, spa days, or trying new restaurants can make you feel like you’re on vacation, even if you’re in the town you grew up in. 

Rhama is a business management major at the University of Alabama who has a passion for writing and journalism. She wrote articles for her school newspaper all throughout high school and has taken many journalism classes over the years. She enjoys writing about lifestyle, food, interior design, and just sharing her own experiences with readers. When Rhama is not writing, she loves cooking or watching reality shows!