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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Alabama chapter.

Jumping back into a new semester can be hard, especially after a month of winter break. Of course, it’s amazing to be back (Roll Tide to National Championship #18!), but if we’re being honest, Alabama is still a college… and college itself can get overwhelming. To overcome the stressful moments when the work continues to pile up, I often find comfort and happiness in the things listed below! 

My Betta Fish  

I have wanted a fish since the spring semester of last year, and I finally made it happen! Over break, I went to PetCo and took home a red Betta fish. His name is Pi (like the Greek letter) and he has become my little buddy. You may think this is cliché, but Pi has really been such a simple joy in my life! He may not be a dog or a cat, but he can still bring me a sense of comfort and happiness on those stressful days. If you can’t get a dog or a cat, I would definitely recommend looking into getting a fish! 

 Moody Octopus  

If you’re like me, then you’re always on TikTok, and lately I’ve been seeing these reversible happy and angry plush octopi. Of course, I thought they were such a cute idea and had to get one for myself. My moody octopus always makes me so happy when I see it! They come in a variety of colors and have such an adorable little face, regardless if it’s on the happy or angry side. If I’m in a slump, I know I can rely on my little octopus to put a smile on my face. 

Target Candles 

When I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I love to burn a good candle. On a recent trip to Target, I discovered these amazing 3-wick candles by its Threshold brand for only $10! My favorite scent is “soft cashmere & lavender”; it smells slightly sweet, yet clean and floral. This candle is a must have to ease my mind and is so affordable. Not to mention the packaging is aesthetically pleasing! 

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Not only are fresh baked cookies a classic dessert, they are also so fun to make! To help me unwind from those stressful moments, I love going to the kitchen and baking cookies from scratch. My favorite recipe is the All Recipe’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. It is so easy to follow, only taking about 30 minutes to prepare and bake. My roommate taught me a secret, which is to add a little salt on top right after pulling them out of the oven for the perfect balance of flavor!

Hi, I'm Claire! I'm currently a senior at Alabama, majoring in business and minoring in sales. I'm so excited to be a writer for Her Campus at Alabama this semester! Some things I love include going to Target, my three dogs, and driving to Birmingham on the weekends with my friends!
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