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Country Music Girl Power

There have been some new rising female stars in country music. There of course are veterans like Carrie Underwood and legends like Dolly Parton. However, it’s nice that there are some fresh faces that are making their way into Country music with girl power. Since the 2016 CMA awards are right around the corner, (November 2nd) here is a list of some of my favorites that are making a mark in country music.

  1. Maddie and Tae- This dynamic duo became known with their breakout hit which took a shot at bro country, “Girl In A Country Song.” My favorite tracks from them include the inspirational Fly, No Place Like You, Downside of Growing Up, and Shut Up And Fish. Their song Fly is all about not giving up even if you feel like you’re breaking. If you need a lift you up song, this is the one for you. No Place Like You is a sweet love song with references to amazing places in the US and plus a special shout out to the tide: “Rollin Tide in Alabama.” Who doesn’t love a shout out for the Tide? Downside Of Growing Up has a lot of truth about the hardships and heartaches of growing up that every young woman can relate to. Lastly, Shut Up And Fish is a catchy song filled with a ton of sass. This duo is one you need to start listening to if you haven’t already! 

2.) Raelynn- I became a fan of Raelynn when I listened to her hits God Made Girls and For A Boy. Her newest single called Love Triangle will make you cry your eyes out. The lyrics are powerful and meaningful. One of her newest tracks called Wild Horse is all about being a free spirit and living life to it’s fullest. This girl has a great voice with some twain and spunk. Check her out! 

3.) Elle King- Everyone has heard her oh so catchy “Exes and OH’s” and if you’re like me, you probably have sung it in the shower like ten times. Elle King’s music falls into several genres and country is definitely one of them. Her song “America’s sweetheart” is about not caring about what others think of you and emulates total independence. Her raspy voice and tough girl attitude gives off old west vibes when you listen to her music. Her song Ain’t Gonna Drown” totally reminds me of the old school, loner country music. Elle King is featured in Derik Bentley’s Different For Girls. 

4.) Kelsey Bellerini- Her breakout hit Love Me Like You Mean It is full of girl power. The message in a nutshell is about how a guy should have respect for a girl. This girl’s music is upbeat and sassy!

5.)  Maren Morris- 80s Mercedes is the perfect song to blast in your car during a drive and just let the windows down. Besides her fun filled “80s Mercedes,my favorite song of hers is “I could use a love song.” This song is completely relatable and everyone has experienced the feeling the song describes.

            So check out these ladies’ music and turn your radio up!


Haleigh Kemmerly is a Senior at the University Of Alabama. She is a Telecommunication and Film major with a Creative Writing minor. She is a staff writer for Her Campus Bama. Haleigh has a passion for writing, nature, travel, and film. She describes herself as a huge animal lover and adventurer. She competed in rodeos and horse competitions and won a few state tiles while living in Kentucky. She grew up in a military family and calls herself a proud Army brat. She had the rare and unique wonderful experience living in Seoul, Korea for two years as a child. She's thankful she got the opportunity to move to different parts of the United States and was exposed to several different cultures and people. She has the heart of a gypsy and a wandering spirit.
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