Campus Celebrity: Elizabeth Thomas

Elizabeth Thomas is a freshman from Caledonia, MS and is studying Communicative Disorders at The University of Alabama. Elizabeth is doing much more than the standard classwork. She is actively involved at the university while working hard to spread the word of God, and maintaining her faith in college. She is also currently preparing for a mission trip to Belize this upcoming summer. Thomas is our Campus Celebrity this week due to her strength, courage, and loving heart she has for others and her religion. Thank you Elizabeth!

Name: Elizabeth Thomas

Year: Freshman

Major: Communicative Disorders

Campus Involvement: Sisterhood Chair for Alpha Omega Epsilon, Church of the Highlands small group leader, Campus Life Associate Staff

Q: What is your favorite thing about UA?

A: "My favorite thing about UA is the atmosphere. There’s just something about walking across the quad that just makes you want to scream Roll TIde lol. From the first I stepped foot on campus, I knew that this is where I belonged. Everyone is so great and I have made such amazing lifelong friends! It’s so sad that I only get four years here and four football seasons in Bryant-Denny but I’m cherishing every moment of it."

Q: What inspired you to be involved with a mission team? Do you mind telling us about the team?

A: "We are all called to serve and I just have a heart for missions. Matthew 28:16-20 talks about the Great Commission which is Jesus telling us to reach out to the ends of the earth and make disciples. We are all called to love our neighbor and it just so happens that I am called to love on the people of Belize. My team is from New Salem Baptist Church in Caledonia, MS ( my hometown) and this team has been serving the people of Belmopan,Belize for four years now. We go to the Global Outreach Vo-Tech for boys and spend the entire week basically in the rain forest at their campus. This school takes boys in and while teaching them basic english and math skills as well a trade, they also teach them to become men of God. ( How awesome is that?)  We just lend a hand and do whatever task they need help with. Last year we helped paint some buildings and then even got to tutor the boys at night.  During the afternoons we go into the local villages and lead a VBS for the younger school children. I am so far beyond blessed that God has given me the opportunity to go for a second time and I can’t wait to see what he has planned out."

Q: What would be your advice for those who struggle with maintaining their religion while in college?

A: "The best advice is to know who you are in Christ before you ever get to college. Make a strong foundation for yourself so that you know where your roots belong. I know it’s easy to want to fit in with the crowd but we have to remember that we belong to the One True King  who never waivers. We may mess up, but that’s ok. We are surrounded by an ocean of grace and He loves us through our struggles. We have to remember that these four years are just a snapshot of our life’s collage so we need to try to live our lives to please our Creator and not just to have a good night that we’ll regret down the road. I can tell you one thing, I’ll never regret spending nights in my dorm room doing bible studies with my friends."

Q: What is your greatest goal in life and your career?

A: "My greatest goal in life is to make an impact. We’re called to make disciples and when I reach the end of my life, I want to know that I did everything I could for the Kingdom. I don’t know about career goals but I would say that my greatest goal would be to impact my patients and clients. I want to be more than their speech pathologist. I want the light of Jesus to shine through my every action and to be a positive influence on the world around me."