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Campus Celebrity: Charlie Barton



Charlie Barton is a sophomore from Chester, Maryland majoring in Applications of Spanish and French through Entrepreneurship through UA’s New College. Charlie Barton is on the journey of making a difference for all of us at The University of Alabama. Over the summer after his freshman year, Barton worked hard to create an organization for UA students to connect and become friends with the many students on this campus. The organization , Friend for a Friend (F4F), encourages all students at UA to interact and develop true friendships that can potentially last beyond college. 



Hometown: Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, in Chester, Maryland.

Class Year: Sophomore

Major: Applications of Spanish and French through Entrepreneurship; New College

Minors: Math

Campus Involvement: Friend For A Friend (President), Church of the Highlands, Highlands Students Team.

Q: What is your favorite thing at UA?

A: “My favorite thing about UA is the vast amount of opportunities available to explore both academic and extracurricular. Like I said before, I’m in New College and I think it portrays the unique academic opportunity and the Source has allowed me to start an organization of my own (Friend for a Friend) that I lead currently.”

Q: What is the main purpose and goal of Friend For A Friend at UA?

A: “The mission of Friend for a Friend is to congregate and connect students building a community that inspires new and invaluable lifelong relationships.”

Q: What is something most people don’t know about you?

A: “Something that most people don’t know about me is that I have been to 46 out of the 48 continental United States and I can solve a Rubik’s Cube.”

Q: What do you hope to achieve within your time at UA and with Friend For A Friend?

A: “I hope to achieve my academic goal of graduating through New College with the Applications of Spanish and French through Entrepreneurship. I really would like for more people to know about Friend for a Friend, because it’s a great and easy way to connect with current friends and meet new one’s. I hope to leave Friend for a Friend when I graduate and give it someone else who is nearly if not as passionate about achieving the mission as I am. I am trying to prevent what happened to me as freshman for everyone else. I also don’t want people to join out of pity for me but I want them to join because they think that this campus could really use an organization like mine and could really change the atmosphere of UA for the better. That is what I hope to achieve through Friend for a Friend.”



If you’re interested in getting involved in Friend For A Friend, please email friendforafriendua@gmail.com or visit www.friendforafriend.com 


Alisha is a senior at The University of Alabama majoring in Communicative Disorders and minoring in Psychology. She is the current Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Alabama. Alisha loves binge watching TV shows on Netflix, baking, writing, watching/raving about Alabama Football, and spending time with her sorority sisters. She hopes to make a difference in the world or at least in many people's lives as a hopeful Speech-Language Pathologist. Follow Alisha on Twitter (@missalisha14) and Instagram (alishaa_j). Roll Tide!
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