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Build Your Closet: Statement Pieces

Everyone loves to make a statement. Whether it be with a new hair color, a fun makeup look, or an activism infographic you repost on your Instagram story, the statements you make reflect who you are. Some of us like to make statements every day, others like to pick and choose their moments. Either way, the best way to make a statement and express your style is through statement pieces. These are the “wow factors” of your outfit. It could be cool outerwear, an especially chunky pair of shoes, a fun pair of pants; anything you can think of that makes your outfit pop is the way to go.

You may be thinking, “Statement pieces don’t seem like an essential part of my closet.” I’m here to tell you to think again. Contrary to popular belief, you can re-wear your statement piece with multiple outfits–it doesn’t have to be a one-time, one-wear purchase. The tricky thing about picking out the best kind of piece is making sure it’s unique, but also wearable. You don’t want to invest in an avant-garde jacket that you’re only ever going to wear to one special event and then let it collect dust in your closet for years. You can love your statement pieces as much as your basics, you just might not wear them as frequently.

Unlike past articles in this series, this time I’m not going to list out statement pieces for you to buy, because finding the right piece means looking for something that speaks to you. The limited edition Jean-Michel Basquiat denim jacket might’ve caught my eye at the Broad in Los Angeles this summer, but it might not catch yours. You might be more drawn to a pair of red ruffle pants featured on @the_real_lin_shady’s Instagram (she is my favorite source for fun outfit inspiration, though). Or, you’ll fall in love with something completely different. Regardless, when you find a cool piece that speaks to you, you’ll know. I like statement pieces so much because they really reflect your personality and true style–they’re the most risky and honest pieces in your closet.

So if you feel like your closet is lacking some flair, you have an unconventional event coming up, or if you just find something that’s practically begging to be in your closet, it’s time to invest in a statement piece. Don’t feel like it has to blend in with your basics–it’s not meant to. Having a strong foundation of basics and clothes that fit your style will make your statement pieces more easily wearable. These should be the most exciting, vibrant, you items in your wardrobe. More than your basics, these pieces are an investment in both your closet and your identity. Dress like the person you want to be, and she’ll exist.

Megan Johnson

Alabama '24

Megan is a writer for the Alabama chapter of Her Campus. She is a sophomore at the University of Alabama and currently double majoring in English and Advertising. In her free time, she enjoys reading, art, shopping, and being with friends. She has a passion for social justice and loves to give advice, watch movies that make her cry, and FaceTime her sister just to see her cats.
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